Youtubers, New Games, and Players?

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  1. Hey guys!

    So as some of you may have noticed, we have had some people making videos on the server! This is not only a huge help to the server, but incredibly gratifying! Now the question is, who are your favorite Minecraft Youtubers? Big or small, be sure to list them all, as we will reach out to them and give them "Youtuber" rank on the server ( If they produce quality content)! If you guys want your favorite Youtubers to record on the server, be sure to mention it in the comment section of their videos!

    Here is one of my favorite videos recorded on the server! What's yours?

    Now, lets talk about some things that you guys can expect in the near future! Many of you guys asked for it, so we are adding it, Kit PVP. Now like all things we do on Nirvana, normal KIT PVP just wasn't good enough. So we added crazy Kit Abilities, Kill Streaks, Leveling System, and some other crazy twists! You can expect "Crusade", in the upcoming days. Be sure to respond with any kits and abilities, kill streaks, or any other things you would like to add! Be sure to tag @Spawl in your suggestions! Here is a sneak peek of the "Crusade" Map built by the "Ascend" build team!

    Finally, its time we talk about Players! So I'm sure you have all wanted to jump into a game of Survival Games, or maybe a round of Draw My Thing, but there just simply aren't enough players. We are working very hard on plans to advertise the server, but if you have any suggestions on where you find your servers, be sure to tell us! As a result of a lack of players, this also means a lack of funds. You don't need to worry about Nirvana going down, because of course we planned for a slow start, and are in it for the long run. This does mean however, that you will notice more things being monetized on the server, certain things will require you to have a Rank, or other things. We will try to make the server fair, fun, and balanced for everyone, but certain things will need to be changed. We thank you all for your understanding, and if you want to support the server be sure to checkout the store! We would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated, you are what makes this possible.

    That's it for now! Oh wait... whats this? I guess we will just have to wait and find out...

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  2. UMG, this is going to be a fun run!
  3. Yes im planning on starting a YT channel and I have a very nice community to play with right here :D
  4. capgamerx, vikkstar123, kerelis an me (starting YT)
  5. found on mrsupersweets channel on YT
  6. Thanks for the update, I look forward for the things to come :)
  7. My favorite youtuber is Huahwi he was #3 mcsg go Huahwi!!!
  8. Hey MrSuperSweet, I'll be happy to advertise your server on my youtube channel. Mabye I can increase some traffic and help your player problems. A few places I would advertise are planet and minecraft Personally, I look for servers on, but I have seen a lot of voting perks on servers for voting on planet minecraft. When you see my channel you may notice I have not been active for a while, there are good reasons for this, not the least of which is that my recording software is really bad. Luckily, I will be getting a capture card on Christmas Day, so I will be putting up much more regular content. Best of luck to you and NirvanaMC, and I hope my advertising helps
  9. I love Huahwi.
    He is the only Minecraft YouTuber I can actually stand.
    Well, him and Minecraft Finest.
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  10. My channel is if any of you want to subscribe. I try to do daily content and I also have started doing Nirvana content! I hope you guys enjoy!
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  11. ikr all these famous utubers like AntVenom an CaptainSparklez think they have such good game play and commentary and people believe them, but Huahwi has AMAZING gameplay AND commentary and don't forget a sexy voice :D
  12. Bajancanadian
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  13. lol bajan canadian sucks so much at pvp lolololololl. Watch Huahwi if u want to see better gameplay. lololololol :p
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  14. I dont know if you will let me do this but i am starting a yt channel and i have been playing on crusade (thx for creating this game!!) and i was wondering if i could get youtube rank?

    proof: <-Youtube channel link :)

    oh yeah, and my favorite youtuber is thediamondminecart Username: DanTDM
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    Usually when it comes to a YT rank, you'll need at the very least 500 subs and an average view rate of 50 - 100. Due to the fact that'll show people do watch you and enjoy your videos. I'm not sure if that's how they think do it here but I hope this helps give you the right frame of mind.

    On topic, my favourite minecraft youtuber is captainsparklez.
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  16. You need at least 1000 subs and be popular
  17. Dantdm is my favorite and my other favorite you tuber is me but I don't even have 100 subscribers lol
  18. My fav. ytber is PrestonPlayz, ign: TBNRfrags,
    I'm also starting a yt channel really really soon, and I will absolutely record on nirvana as it is the best server there is.
    The only thing is, my content will be in a different language, dutch... Is that a problem?

  19. WHOO I am so excited! what is it gonna be? :p I bet something related to star wars :)

    lol Have you seen keralis mansion series? I've built it in cubed chaos :p

    I liek House_Owner (youtuber)
  20. erm buttermen, hate to break it to you but, that was zombies from ages ago, so not quite star wars xD

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