Youtubers & Bug Fixes!

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  1. Hello, everyone! We hope you are all having an amazing weekend.
    We have some fantastic news for you!

    Staff Changes!
    This week we have a new addition to the staff team and two promotions!

    • Grrim has been promoted to Mod+
    • Zoro has been promoted to Mod+
    • Finally, let us welcome ITSAAWGOOD as our new Helper!
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply.

    Click here to view all staff changes.

    PeteZahHutt & Mr Crainer Commentates are in the HOUSE!


    Let’s welcome back PeteZahHutt to Nirvana. Pete will be returning to do a series on Lone Survivor. You can find him on Lone Survivor West.
    Check out his YouTube commentary of Lone Survivor

    Let us also welcome Mr. Crainer to Nirvana! He was last spotted playing Zombies. So head over to Zombies to join in the fun.
    Check out his YouTube commentary of Zombies

    As some of you may have noticed, Crusade has been offline for a few days.

    Do not fret! Crusade will be returning after some much needed maintenance.
    We will keep y’all posted as Crusade progresses.

    Report Bugs!
    As you all know, there are bugs hanging around the Network. We need your help bringing these bugs to light.
    We will be giving a reward of nuggets depending on the severity of the bugs in question.
    Rewards will be given out once the bug has been fixed.

    Head over here to check out how to properly format your bug report.
    Once you are finished reading over the format, create and post your report here.
    Be sure to tag me Narnia (@Narnia), Wubs (@Wubs) and I (@Ordaine) so we can be notified about your post.



    Zombies are back and the living dead have never looked so good!
    Welcome to the Underworld. Will you survive the hordes of zombies and their howling companions? Will the darkness consume you or will you have the urge to survive? Fight your way through the madness and upgrade your weapons. Earn abilities to fight off the infected.

    Alright guys, that is it for this week of updates. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to message Narnia, myself or any member of staff.

  2. I'll be looking forward to posting bugs for ezpz nuggets :D
  3. This week couldn't have went any better. Two promotions, two new mod+'s and a new helper, I cannot wait for the coming weeks!
  4. Great! I will make sure to edit it when I back at home :)

    Welcome! :D

    Omg I love crainer's voice xD

    I saw the video that Crainer did and it seems to be epic! good job!!! :D
  5. i guess i will apply again XD
  7. Also what happened when I was gone?
  8. So excited I'm in a livestream, and Pete left right when I was about the leave. Lucky me :)
  9. Nothing much
  10. I heard crusade will come back on Saturday? :)
  11. I love pete, he's such an honest guy. I'm not considered a fan, just someone who thinks he's doing a good job.
  12. Like all his fans say...
  13. fooled me
  14. I agree, I do like Pete's content, if you want to consider me a fan go ahead xD
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    Lel I was joking, I've watched his Lone survivor series and it was pretty cool :)
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  16. :p Lone survivor is amazing.
  17. Indeed, it is a new game and there is already a tons of features in it :)
  18. Hello staff, I have found a bug with name changing. The land sponges only allow the recent name you have like my recent name was BeHarvey and now I changed it to HarveyDent_. But it seems to be that the land sponges only allow BeHarvey, instead of HarveyDent_. Please answer back.
  19. Next time you see a staff member online, notify them so they can remove it. The blocks are locked to the ign. There isn't really anything we can do about it.
    A staff member can remove the block for you though so you can replace it.

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