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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by m0nsterjojo, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. I was hoping if any staff could tell me what are the criteria`s to become a YouTube on NirvanaMC, I know I am a small YouTuber and I am just starting a series on SkyBlock, if anyone could tell me that would be great :)

    P.S. Is there any rules on putting a sign or 2 that states my YT. Thank you and have a good day all :)
  2. You can apply for YouTube rank here:

    I strongly suggest not putting a sign at your island, since advertising is against the rules.
  3. why wouldn't you want money?
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  4. Good Luck :)
  5. First good luck :D And second I would like to see your youtube channel? can you post the link? :)
  6. MC_005
  7. The main criteria is to be an active up-loader as well as quality of content.
    The main thing is the owner has to like it.
  8. So generally the amount of subs don't matter? For example, if someone had 500 subs they'd still have a chance? Just curious xD
  9. Yes.
  10. Hah that is a nice videos you got over there, maybe add some music in the background? :p
  11. Exactly. It is more so content based. I am part of the promotion with 80 subs.
    So if you put work into your content and it is a good quality, you should stand a good chance.
  12. You mean you have good quality? pff
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  13. Lol. Ordaine has really good content
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  14. I will defently try, all I can use for video editing is Windows movie maker, and it is really bad.
  15. Hey movie maker is pretty good that is what I use :p
  16. KK. Why I say it is bad though is because I took com-tech and we used Sony Vegas. Than I found another one that was close to Sony Vegas, that is why I say Movie maker is bad. Anyway`s have a good day, if you wanna ever record, just private msg me on YT (Got to the about section) and msg me your Skype or TeamSpeak KK.) Have a good day everyone. Peace.
  17. What if they want YT rank but not be part of promotion/sponsorship?
  18. I do not know. I am just wanting the YouTuber rank, if I do get the whole sponsorship, than I would be doing lotterys or something. As long as the server owner allow`s it, or server admin.

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