"You have reached the end of the world" - Why not just a worldborder?

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by Kurtisdede, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. I'm wondering if there is any special reason we use this plugin instead of a simple /worldborder.

    First, it looks cool.
    Second, I came upon a guy who didn't know that he was making a base at the end of the world. He learned after, but still. Worldborder would make it easier.
    Yes, I know the plugin makes the worldborder Circle, and /worldborder is just a square, but still. I want Worldborder.
    And when Im about to get to trees for example I HATE getting teleported back. With Worldborder I wont even try to go to the tree, because I know its outside the boundaries.
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  3. 80% from the time I use /rtp it gets me to the world border xD
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  4. I just realized my base is like 50 blocks away from the border... WE NEED WORLD BORDER..
  5. my fps would die if we used minecrafts world border.....
  6. i dont know, on my potato pc my fps doesn't change at all
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  7. also world border is stupid, in the nethr it tped me into lava >.< but i managed to escape cuz my armour was P4
  8. ikr, i actually saw it people getting tp'd to caves.
  9. the world border is fine how it is its not the servers fault you guys dont pay attention to your surroundings when making a area
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  10. wolfie, stop defending the server for once. why did they go with the plugin and not /worldborder deal with your fps dropping to 20 to 19. and that should only happen when you are near a worldborder so?
    i hate this plugin, worldborder is much better.
    also it teleported kai into lava :p and people into caves
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  11. Lol there is keep inventory in Cubed so that doesn't really matter xD I wish there was no keep inventory ;-;

    I don't know why but "potato pc" made me laugh so hard xD
  12. its your fault for it teleporting you all your not being mindful of your surroundings i love being on the border i did this fullknowingly its right there and so did narnia theres no issue with the worldborder only with the people not checking for it
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  13. We don't use the natural borders as they cause a lot of issues.
    1. Lag. The size of the map, this would create a lot of unneeded general server lag.
    2. Compatibility. If we used borders, it would only allow us to run a single version which means you can only join with 1.9
    3. Mostly the lag thing.
    Yes it would be nice to have a nice square, visible border. However we try to keep the server as lag free as possible and this would be a nice contributor to block lag/server lag.
  14. Dose it really cre8 a lot of lag? o_O
  15. The lava was on the other side of a wall so i couldnt see it -_-
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  16. I don't know much about world borders. But what you guys are asking for are a border that you can see be used for the border instead of the one we have now that tp's. If I'm correct using the one you're all asking for, as ordaine said, would update cause lag because it's a block that you can use and its surrounding the entire map. Lag lag lag
    But I could be completely wrong as I said I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of stuff
  17. Why does /rtp always TP you to the border?
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  19. Aren't world borders 1.8?
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