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  1. As the use of this is becoming more and more popular, I think a post like this is very necessary.

    Let's start this off with... X-ray is NOT allowed. I repeat NOT allowed.
    There has been confusion in the community that it is allowed and that it is not considered a hack or a cheat.

    First off, there are really no such things as hacks. Before you say "YES THERE ARE", please let me explain.
    Hacks are what the community calls "Modded Clients" which they are mostly refered to as "hacks."
    So technically speaking every hack that there is in Minecraft is a "modded client", but we just call them hacks.
    A modded client is basically what it sounds like. A minecraft client that has modifications that lets it do something it would normally not do. Examples would be optifine, shaders, kill aura and many many others.

    So yes X-ray is not a "hack," it is a "modded client" and therefore is NOT allowed.

    X-ray can either be a modded client via install or just a simple texture pack. Either form is NOT allowed.
    These selections were quoted directly from Super's Universal Rules and these passages link directly to X-ray.
    "Mods that provide additional data to the player that would otherwise not be seen"
    As there has been a lot of confusion with this certain part right here, I'll go into a little detail explaining this.

    Mods that provide additional data that would otherwise not be seen basically means it lets you see things you normally cannot see in vanilla minecraft.

    Yes X-ray falls into this category as it allows you to see through walls and make things visible you would otherwise not be able to see.

    In short:
    X-ray is an illegal texture pack/mod and is NOT allowed on Nirvana in anyway shape or form.

    If you are found using X-ray, you will be banned and your entire inventory, echest, pv's and everything else WILL be cleared 100% and all of the affected areas will be in turn rolled back.
    If you are found using X-ray and are banned multiple times, it may result in a Permanent Ban!

    Please play fair, follow the rules. I hope this post has cleared up any confusion.
    If you have any questions on the matter, leave a comment down below.
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  2. OptiFine shouldn't be considered a "hack", because I feel as though hacks are only to give the hacking player an advantage against other players, while all OptiFine does is enhance the experience, improve the fps (frames) and provide a zoom option. You included OptiFine in a list with KillAura, when I believe that they have almost nothing in common. They are just both mods. Is OptiFine not allowed now, because it is a modded client?

    - Rimus :rolleyes:
  3. Optifine is allowed
  4. Really? I guess I just misunderstood. :confused: Sorry.

    - Rimus ;)
  5. It would be considered a "hack" as it is a modded client, but it is allowed.
    It is just how it is defined. That doesn't mean it is bad.
  6. I was told Tucana got banned for it is that true?
  7. Oh My....

    Was my whole inventory cleared? Or is it from now on? :O
  8. Yes but he is now unbanned
  9. Pretty muxh there are allowed mods like optifine, better sprint, co ords and then their are bannable ones that use clients and modifications that gain you an unfair advantage
  10. Damage indicators are also allowed as well as Mods that show armor and tool durability.
  11. Whats wrong with this post?
  12. I feel like this was written about me or are like a ton of people being banned for X-Ray right now?
  13. There was a few xD
  14. xD
  15. Was I Using Xray?

    Ok,so today I have been banned by darkblade25 for using xray for 7days. I tried to appeal and ask for an explanation of the video on where the proof was of me hacking, but was instantly shot down with a response of only "the xray was very obvious". Well it was not obvious to me because in this video it only shows where I had previously mined, I'm not in the video at all. I thought maybe it was my mining style, but do not know. If I cannot find a cave, I dig straight down to around diamond level, then i guess what i do is a bit of strip mining? (sorry not familiar with terms) but while I strip mine, every few blocks I will dig a 1x1 hole to my left, my right, below me and sometime above me, I find its more efficient mining that way. Other times it gets boring and I will go off in different directions. Now pay close attention in the video at 16secs, I dug randomly two blocks below me, to look for diamonds and it was just stone, as the mod looked there as well to see what I mined. Same thing again at 25secs into the video, 29secs, 42secs and many other times through the video, is that not normal mining? & how is that using xray? but when I find diamonds it must be hacking? Also I'd like to make a point that most of the diamonds I got were behind other resources i collected like redstone, gold, ex. (seen at 19secs, 34secs, 52secs and multiple times ), so are they saying if you find diamonds behind redstone your mining, you must be using xray? there is also emeralds that i missed, if I was using xray wouldn't I see them? I could see if I was shown in the video digging directly to diamonds and emeralds, but I was not, so there's no perspective or reasonable proof, just maybe a suspicion from a mod. My point is I took the time writing this and going through the video because I feel cheated, I did not use xray. My question is, whats your guys opinion? Maybe were only allowed to dig in caves and only in straight lines till we hit diamonds....

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  16. The problem ron is each of your branches lead directly to diamonds.
    Each area you dug to had diamonds at the end. Honestly to me it looks like 100% xray.
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  17. Should be reduced, I was banned for 5d for Xray.
  18. Xray's punishment falls under hacking. 2nd offense is 7 days
  19. Not all of them, i didn't dig directly into diamonds, then at 16 secs in dug down into a pocket and there were no diamonds in that area, same with 25secs and probably more, not every branch led into diamonds and some of the branches that do lead into diamonds, had redstone or gold that i mined before the diamonds and thats how i seen them. If you recorded me minding around the redstone or gold or emeralds and just went for diamonds, I would agree with you. Also If I find diamonds, im gunna start digging in a different direction till i hit diamonds again, then do the same thing over, so yeah some lead to diamonds, thats the point, but I also collected other resources, if i didnt find diamonds and all i mined was the redstone? would I be using xray? The proof seems weak, especially for a 7day ban to me.
  20. Aight first off if someone is suspected of using xray don't just ban them cuz they found diamonds put a. Chest 10-15 blo ks in front of them in a wall but not right in there mining path(obviously) and if they go to it boom Cray and if they dig right past it as if it didn't exist no xray you guys aren't as good as seeing xray as you think (unless its blatent)
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