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  1. If you read this then I'm glad, you have just wasted some of your time on the forums, but on the serious side, Wut happened to everyone?!
  2. I don't know why every time the player count is less than normal, everyone thinks the server is dying....
    School JUST started for most of our player base.
    This week was the first week of school. We still average around 50 players during the day.
    (Which is still higher than it was a year ago.)

    Yes there is hardly anyone on at night. Don't forget that a majority of the player base is American.
    So around this time most everyone is sleeping.
  3. No I mean, what happened to all the old players, I remember when I first joined I saw alot of awesome players, and then they just left Nirvana, Un-Noticed, and Un-Informed of anything.
  4. I know what you mean, my first friend in Nirvana left without saying anything
  5. Super hires hitmen to take out all the Nirvana players because of things I'm not allowed to say here
  6. supers not even here anymore and that statement is beyond ridiculous xD
  7. Whot... Did he die?
  8. Don't take it that far ;-;
  9. "supers not even here anymore"
  10. super retired months and months ago..... hes not owner anymore
  11. he
    he knows, obviously
    i hope so at least, anyway
  12. Whoo o: Didn't knew if you were joking or not xD

    Look at his tag in his forum page :p
  13. yeah nobody can remove him the tag doesnt make him owner
  14. I think they can remove the tag, Wubs probably
  15. no they cant...... not even wubs or narnia or ordaine have been able to remove it the tag means nothing he is not owner anymore he has moved on
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  16. I've tried removing the tag but because he bought the site, I cannot. It technically overrides my super admin. I can't even go into his profile to edit anything due to it.
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  17. it's just a tag bro! <3

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