would you guys want to see this??

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would you guys want to see that kind of content?

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  1. yes i would want to!

  2. no i would not want to!

  1. this one goes out to ordain and i also got the idea from him also, would any staff or people in general want to see something like ordain does like hackers galore and just record a bunch of hackers, or like a skyblock series im just asking if that would see intresting to some people, and to follow that question i will be asking can anybody do youtube banner/logo i will be looking out for that becuase i have tried numerous amount of times to do a banner/logo and none of them seem to work so if anybody can post in this fourms or anyway to contact me but if you guys want to see that kinda of content just say yes or no in the poll.
  2. oh and thanks to ordain for telling me his recorder/editing software love you ordain <3
  3. Quickshark, I also have a YT, just like Ordaine and I have done a few hackers logs on it, so I would love to do it with u
  4. i will keep that noted kai
  5. Hehe, I've done a 100 hackers compilation with just a whole bunch of random recordings on my channel. I also upload a lot more hackers on my channel, but I make those videos unlisted as I don't think that they would be very intresting to watch.

    I think it would be cool if you made a hacker log things, just don't forget to send hacker reports to staff so we can deal with them :p Good luck!
  6. if i were to do something like this i got multiple recording and edititing softwares but does anybody know a GOOD one and maybe something that you guys use as an editing/recording software.
  7. SSG whats your YT channel?
  8. Personally I use OBS to record (you need good settings though) and Sony Vegas to edit (I think version 13 pro, if not mistaken).

    Pretty sure it is SmilingSlimeGuy - Minecraft & More or something, but I do not often upload, neither do I put a lot of effort in that channel. I originally made it for hacker reports, but now I upload some small videos from time to time when I feel like making them :p
  9. I watched some of your videos and saw this... upload_2016-8-6_15-10-25.png
  10. :eek:
    I caught more

    I started that video like ages ago, and only recently came back to it and thought why not finish it and upload it. Seen in the end, it's quite of a boring video to watch, but it was actually pretty cool to make it.
  11. Ya :D I liked the "Reports for today" video, because the name of the hack popped up right as it happened with a ding, so it was clear what the hack was.
  12. Oh slime.... 100 hackers.... so tame.... XD
  13. hi komo how you doin <3
  14. QuickShark I use Quicktime to record (u need OS X to run it tho) then I edit with iMovie to add the intro and then filmora to turn it into 1080p60
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  15. ordain I'm using obs how do you add sources to obs

    after I am able to tell I can start recording
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  16. Omg quickshark take your questions out of here and PM ordaine. Also adding sources should nt be hard. Just google it
    And do you even know what Mac OS X is
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  17. Right click in each box to add a new scene.
  18. How can you turn something in 60fps 1080p? If you had like a 2k video originally, yes, that'd be easy. But I'm assuming that's not the case...?
  19. Smiling, In Filmora Editing software when you are about to export the video, you can choose the resolution, quality and FPS
    so in this case the Software adjusts the pixels (in this case quicktime records in 460p) and then fine tunes the quality by amplifying or shrink the pixels, if you want 1080p then it will duplicate then shirk the pixels, it's all pretty complicated.

    then for 60fps then it take each frame and duplicates it so the whole video runs smoothly but also makes it so the Voice over matches the recording.

    This is my basic knowledge, I'm not a software genius so if I'm wrong please correct me
  20. Well, imagine if you recorded in 720p 30fps, you can't just make that 1080p 60fps. Yes, you can, but the quality wont improve.

    You have a DVD player, a HDMI cable and a TV. The DVD players supports up to 720p, the hdmi cable up to 1080p and the TV can play 4k videos. The quality shown on the TV will never be more than 720p when playing a DVD from the DVD player.
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