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  1. What happened during the reset? I've been away for a while and I came back to a really nice new server, but now there are non-donors in SbU and there's no /worker? If the command was changed then can someone please tell me what is it? Because if they were removed completely then I'm pretty sure everyone is gonna demand a refund. Can someone pls explain? ^ - ^
  2. If you actually got any workers then they probably were gone in the reset so, try to send a e-mail to [email protected] and explain your problem :)
  3. If this is true then noooo
  4. Lol you got your workers from vote keys?
  5. The server is still under going changes I believe, if you find things now working or stuff missing try the bug section maybe or find a staff member :) I know some commands still don't work so just give it time to xD
  6. I'm talking about ore workers I bought on the store website. And now theres no /worker. That's why I'm confused.
  7. Workers will not be up for a few days.
    Things are still being moved over.
  8. Wubs has been doing some big updates the past day or two. All these bugs will be fixed, one by one :)
  9. thank god they will not be broken for long!!!:eek:
  10. I was told that Workers have been saved, they are disabled in the meanwhile so that they can finish updating and improving some stuff for nirvana ;) So dont worry about your workers they're safe
  11. thanks :p

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