Whos_Askins ban appeal

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by Whos_Askin, Mar 12, 2021.

  1. IGN: Whos_Askin // Im_Askin // other secret alts

    Punishment type: Permanent ban

    Reason for punishment: "Kurtis' orders"

    Why your punishment should be revoked: I believe my ban on NirvanaMC should be revoked due to the fact that I, Whos_Askin, just purchased an unban from the website. Not even 2 minutes later I was banned by MasterCharlie on "Kurtis' orders". This is unfair and unjust, I purchased my unban legit, and honestly. I would like to know on what ground am I currently banned for because this is against all moral judgments. And honestly, Charlie, I'm sorry you're in the wrong here due to what Kurtis told you to do.

  2. Also, based on the fact that I was staff for a total of 2 years, I at least deserve that of not being banned instantly after purchasing my unban. No matter what I did to get myself banned in the beginning I specifically wasn't blacklisted and if I do get blacklisted for that, it's completely unfair seeing how MULTIPLE players have been allowed to slide back on who have committed far worse acts on the server than I did. The damage I caused was severe, but fixable within 5 commands if you know what you're doing, which, Kurtis did. I deserve the decency of a legit reason, and an unban after paying my hard earned money, which Kurtis constantly promised to pay me for "hard work and effort on the server" after frantically searching for bugs, fixes, and advertisements, but just like everyone knows, your promises are never followed through.

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