whos your fav staff? Put a post :)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by ProAtafking, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. mine is fartingheroooooooooo because he farts, and a hero. lel
  2. I gotta go with the one and only me. I'm my favorite staff.
  3. Well mine is brian.
  4. Same xD although I do love an Evan ^-^
  5. honestly, I thought long and hard about this... but after 2 seconds of hard concentrated thoughts I had made my decision, ZomSlayaa of course.
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  6. xD I like how every staff members favorite staff member is himself
  7. well thats because it's true
  8. I like everyone on the staff team so :S
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  9. That's mean you like yourself too lol?
  10. Indeed :p
  11. Brian isn't a staff member anymore butter.
  12. Well maybe you don't know, but hes a secret mod
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  13. Hmmm tough question but all staff is great even if I don't know them!:D
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  14. But mainly all of them it's just I don't know their forum names lel
  15. Awh, much love to this community. Y'all make my heart so warm and smxjabsmis. Best team and community, so you all are my favorite :)
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  16. We all love you too Emily :D
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