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  1. Hello!
    I made this thread to know how you people came to be here in Nirvana! So lets start off with me, I came to this server when I was very bored of the pvp server's I played (mainly factions or kitpvp), I looked up google and typed in "Minecraft kit pvp server" usually I would scroll down all the way to the bottom and that's what I did. I went through a lot of server Web and the last I found was the web where NirvanaMC was:eek: I looked at the comments and I mostly saw 'Crusade' in the comments. Judging by the name, to me it was attractive. So I opened Minecraft typed in the server IP and went to crusade. So what's your story? ;)
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  2. I heard about it from a friend ;)
  3. I've been on the server for well over 2 years now! I was apart of Nirvana from the very beginning. I was there before nirvana was just an idea, cubedchaos was the main server! I joined not to long after another server called imperial legion and cubedchaos joined together to make what would become, The Core.
    After helping in the community for a while I was promoted to a Moderator for the first time, then later became an Admin just before the launch of Nirvana! However in late January of this year I had to lave my role due to personal reasons.
    I later came back, playing on the server regularly and am now working my way up to the rank I once was. I wish to be there and giving back to the server as that's what the server deserves. :D
  4. I heard about it from the youtuber SCMowns
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  5. Before coming to this server, I played with a few friends on a Prison server. I found myself some friends and we would help each other rank up. Soon after, there was a reset that drove everyone away. My friends and I had already moved on to that server's factions. However, it soon became bugged and not much people played on it anyway. We were the best on the server. A reset happened along with the prison reset. This drove us away to find new servers to play on. We tried UHC, Towny, Parkour, and PVP. Eventually, half of our clan left. A few weeks later, one of my friends told the remaining people of the clan a new, cool server called Cubed Chaos. He told me the IP and I hopped on. He had already made a house and a shop and settled down. When I first joined I had no idea what to do, and the Staff helped me out. Move foward to now, none of my old friends play anymore. The person who introduced me to this server was Dampishmilk. The last person from my clan to play on this server was Deathwaves36, who has a tree house sort of thing in Ordaine's town.
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  6. Why are there 0 players currently on in crusade?
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  7. Probably because either all Minecraft servers are down or the whole Nirvana Network is down. (All of the server)
    Someone can confirm, I'm not on my computer at the moment.
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  8. To check if all Minecraft authentication server are down, go to the Mojangym website, go to the help section and look for server/game activity. If not, then Nirvana may be down for maintenance. Neither am I at my computer.
  9. yeah, the whole NirvanaMC server is down, but other servers are up.
  10. We will get it back up asap. You guys are our priority
  11. Nirvana should be back online.
  12. Wow I actually love this story :) not the part when your friends leave.
  13. Heard of the server through a friend then joined and just loved the community and have been on ever since, then decided to apply for helper a while after I joined. <3 :D.
  14. I found the server on the voting website while voting on another server. That time I didn't really have any interest for this server, but that changed when I saw Logdotzip's Mini-Skyblock series. When I went on, the community and staff were very friendly and helpful and there were many features so I decided to play a bit and now im still playing :p.
  15. I was here for almost 2 years, I was looking for a good SMP server as I only got minecraft 2 weeks before, I found it on youtube and checked it out and it was AMAZING, this was when CC was the server, you joined the CC spawn and played CC nothing else, it was the first SMP server that was SMP, you didn't my items you didn't only build in plots, it was just like survival mode with other players and a few extra commands, I was a biggggggggggggg fan and ever since they updated to 1.8 I have been even more in love :p,
  16. OMG thanks for all your stories guys!
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  17. Why thanks? youre writing a book or something? :)
  18. Like dan, I was joined when it was just cubed chaos back in spring of 2013, the first day it was up actually. I found the server through some weird youtuber named mrsupersweet and enjoyed it ever since.
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  19. Shy and another person liked pvp servers so Shy somehow managed to find Nirvana's Crusade. So due to me going on practically every server they go on. I went on Crusade a bit but since I suck at pvp I'm like really low leveled. Well once Skyblock came out I fell in love with the server and played it every day for like a very long time. (I play on Cubed now once I found out that it is really fun and kittycannon)
  20. No, but all these stories are pretty interesting and a little touching.
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