What you prefer 1.9 or 1.8?

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Is the Combat Update good?

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  1. So basically if you didn't know 1.9 called the Combat Update, because there were made a lot of changes to the pvp and such, now you have cooldown for the attacks, you got 2 hands, and even they have added shields! :D

    I personally think that it is really cool, it'll make pvp more difficult but more fun :p

    Sooo I am not a guy who actually like to pvp a lot, but I want to ask the players who actually like to pvp and good at it, what do you think about the new update? :) Vote in the poll and write down what you think ;)
  2. As an alright pvper, 1.9 isn't bad. Gives PVPing a whole new feel but all these plebs not ready for change. TOO BAD, Mojang doesn't care.
  3. This update will give other peoples chance of being good at pvp right? or something like that?
  4. Basically. 1.9 forces players to learn how to pvp differently instead of the what-we're-used-to-spam-clicking-and-moving-around. Players now have to use the shield if they have it, or learn how to dodge attacks efficiently and attack when the opponent is reloading. Cause when you block with a shield, your character stops in order to block. This gives an opportunity for the other player to jump around or thru them to attack them from behind, or even breaking their shield with an axe.
  5. Cant wait to peoples make pvp tutorials on youtube xD
  6. My opinion is that 1.9 ruined PvP. Now you can't rod and strafe that good. You pretty much just spam block and attack. Critical Hits have been extremely buffed. And sometimes your hits don't register.
  7. Well that time I FFA'd with you, Hanan, and other people, no one knew how to use rods anyways lol
  8. Lol Hanan can beat you in a 1v1 rod battle xD
  9. Lol I can beat everyone in a iron hoe battle
  10. Bros before hoes ;)
  11. I probably don't even need the rod.
  12. 1.8 is better, hands down.
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  13. Only good thing in 1.9 is Elytra
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  14. Which I agree with you on that one, but I can't get past the glitches and unnecessary extra controls that come with 1.9. Maybe when they come out with another, more updated, version of 1.9 it will be better.
  15. Oh well, lol xD
  16. SOMEONE WITH SENSE. Really tho its jst taking away the skill aspect of being able to use a rod, click fast, blockhit, strafe, w tap. Btw the correct answer is 1.7 but thats a different debate lmao
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  17. I agree with you there about 1.7, but a lot of the servers don't support it anymore.
  18. Hah in the end all the servers will probably update to 1.9 :) so there is no much to do about it :p
  19. very true, I just need the glitches to be worked out before I'll be happy about it :p

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