Well this sucks i am now banned from the server because of revenge

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by XGhost1234, Aug 13, 2015.



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  1. will i ever be unbanned or do i have to buy one i use 75$ on that sever man i hate this kind of stuff i asked so many people to rollback my base but they always say sorry i can (i asked mods and admins) so i got freaking mad ok so bye
  2. Idk why people think buying a rank will get you unbanned or a less chance of a banned lemme give you a good hint: It doesn't

    Depending on what you did, you are probably banned for like 3 days or so. Just wait out your ban.
  3. I know that but i really just wanna know if i will be banned for ever
  4. It's a temporary ban
  5. ok cool for how long couple weeks
  6. Most likely a few days. It varies.
  7. Ok do you have a specific day
  8. I can't give you an exact date. I'd just advise sitting through the ban
  9. I did your ban, but I'm not online or at home currently. I think its 2 days, but i can give got a definite answer in a few hours
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    By the way there aren't permanent bans (EDIT: Well they are rare.)
  11. There are permanent bans, they are just very rare
  12. There are? O.O
  13. Yep, but like I said, very, very rare.
  14. Can you give a situation when you get a perm ban? :)
  15. Probably like hacking the servers it's self maybe
  16. It's not in my best interest to disclose that information :)
  17. Probably when a player full on ddoses the server shuts it down and arrives at Super's house. Maybe that happened once? Jkjk i kid
  18. Im banned for how long by coryplayspc and it says I was griefieng but what I did was I /rtp and teleport me to a block then I had to destroy it so I think that CoryPlaysPC thought I was griefing anyways how long is my ban... pls reply HeyImChan
  19. Sorry, but I cannot tell you because I am not a staff member and also because I'm not logged into the server so I cannot ask a staff member or Cory herself. Maybe you can message Cory herself or another staff member on the forums to find out? Sorry about that.
  20. actually how am I supposed to chat with her

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