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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Sgt_Koala, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Lol, alright so rarely i come on this server and i play the minigames like once a month but i was playing crusade and i said "Wtf" and i got warned so i asked why it was big deal to have 2 players and some female harp on me for saying it then i asked why shes so butthurt and the dumb female replied " family friendly " so i said "Kms" so i was muted lol this server has gone bad i remember when it was fun but now it's a day care guessing i will get muted off the forums too? i really dont give a damn worst 15 dollars ever spent, i said " Wtf " is this some [Insert some ideological group here] server ? lol
  2. Yea there is extremely tight restrictions around what can and can't be said, I myself have been warned on occasions but see the error of my ways :). I must say though you were in the wrong this time. I'm guessing you were warned that 'Wtf' is offensive and to watch your chat? I am with the staff who muted you, if you continued to speak with offensive language a mute is appropriate.
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