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Auto replace saplings for custom TimberMod or not?

  1. Yes please!!

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  2. No thank you!

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  1. Hey people, Dan here!
    A big thanks to @Wubs as he has created his own custom, lag free timber mod for the Cubed Chaos server! This now means we are able to break trees (with axes) whilst only removing one block!
    This is a really helpful plugin on the server and will act as a huge convenience.
    However there is something I'don't like to know. Would you guys want auto sapling replace or not?
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  2. wait, how did the other one lag but this none not? I dont get it :(
  3. This new plugin has been custom made by our developer Wubs. This means he is able to develop it in such a way that suits the requirements of the server, unlike the publicly available plugin.
  4. Thanks so much Wubs. <3 I would love to see the replacement saplings since it was really helpful for players especially for jungle trees and acacia since it was a pain to plant saplings. It might not seem like a lot but it really help us players.
  5. Wubs <3

    And I kinda don't like the idea of the auto sapling replace :)

    from the diamond minecrat...
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  6. It would be cool for the auto sapling because I kind of want to make and auto tree grower thing
  7. Maybe there should be a option for auto sapling place thing
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  8. How would that work if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Maybe if you sneak right click with you axe then it turns on/off saplig auto replace
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  10. To be honest its could be a good idea :)

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  11. Thank you very much for all your contributions to my thread! The majority seems to want the auto replace, but the auto replace toggle sounds like a good idea!
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  12. Auto replace would fit all the needs. If you do not want the sappling there, you can simply remove it. I know most players that will be using the timber mod and cutting trees will most likely rtp and do mass harvests. Auto replace would help restore these areas and like I said, you can always just break the sappling. It is an instant break.
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  13. True
  14. These are all great :)
  15. You're great. (sorry for not contributing)

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