Was I using xray?

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Was I Using Xray?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe..but maybes aren't cause for bans

  1. Ok,so today I have been banned by darkblade25 for using xray for 7days. I tried to appeal and ask for an explanation of the video on where the proof was of me hacking, but was instantly shot down with a response of only "the xray was very obvious". Well it was not obvious to me because in this video it only shows where I had previously mined, I'm not in the video at all. I thought maybe it was my mining style, but do not know. If I cannot find a cave, I dig straight down to around diamond level, then i guess what i do is a bit of strip mining? (sorry not familiar with terms) but while I strip mine, every few blocks I will dig a 1x1 hole to my left, my right, below me and sometime above me, I find its more efficient mining that way. Other times it gets boring and I will go off in different directions. Now pay close attention in the video at 16secs, I dug randomly two blocks below me, to look for diamonds and it was just stone, as the mod looked there as well to see what I mined. Same thing again at 25secs into the video, 29secs, 42secs and many other times through the video, is that not normal mining? & how is that using xray? but when I find diamonds it must be hacking? Also I'd like to make a point that most of the diamonds I got were behind other resources i collected like redstone, gold, ex. (seen at 19secs, 34secs, 52secs and multiple times ), so are they saying if you find diamonds behind redstone your mining, you must be using xray? there is also emeralds that i missed, if I was using xray wouldn't I see them? I could see if I was shown in the video digging directly to diamonds and emeralds, but I was not, so there's no perspective or reasonable proof, just maybe a suspicion from a mod. My point is I took the time writing this and going through the video because I feel cheated, I did not use xray. My question is, whats your guys opinion? Maybe were only allowed to dig in caves and only in straight lines till we hit diamonds....

  2. Pretty obvious you were using xray in the video lol.
  3. how is it obvious? did you even read what I wrote?
  4. Here is a screenshot of the tunnels in the video. We have ways of telling what ore is in the area and in those tunnels, there are zero diamonds in the area.
    The diamonds that were in the area are where those branches lead.

    From my experience, you are xraying being a doubt or you are the luckiest person on the server hitting every single diamond pocket that is in the area without strip mining.
  5. isn't strip mining just digging in a straight line? if so you can see the strips all over, I mine, in like T patterns. im glad you sent me this so i can explain what I said from the beginning about how I mine. Like I said i strip mine then every so often i'll break blocks to my left, my right, below and sometimes above, the max reach distance in a 1x1 from where I'm standing. If you look at the middle branch for example an, you can see i strip mined, then broke 5 blocks away(max distance reach) to my left if you count and revealed diamonds. Not everywhere I dug had diamonds. I would call it luck, cause I didnt xray. You should see what I've been saying adds up & I think it holds up better then video's and pictures of how i've mined and the style of it, then kicking only me because its suspicious and no real proof of me doing it...
  6. As I said, your branches lead DIRECTLY to diamonds. There were literally no other diamonds in the area.

    100% zero diamonds left and all your branches lead to where diamonds used to be. Those are clear traits of xray.
  7. I doubt all the diamonds in the area were, gone, but that's the whole point, to mine the area and find diamonds and they don't all lead to diamonds though, as I stated before at 25-28sec, into the video. at 42sec in, I dig randomly straight up and find nothing. At 1:54 you can see a big part i dug out that had nothing. at 2:12 List goes on, but above all you can see through out the video where i dig left into nothing, dig right, into nothing, then get lucky and dig into something. Some of the time just 1 dia. Nothing wrong with mining in different directions.
  8. Also of course my branches lead to diamonds, if they didn't know one would ever find diamonds or have diamonds. Eventually they are gunna lead to diamonds and some people are luckier then other i guess, i know the world is fresh and full or resources. But as ive shown, they dont all lead to diamonds.
  9. sorry and once last thing, cause its bugging me that im banned lol look how close the shafts i mined are together, in the top right of the picture you can see where i almost mined back into a shaft. if your mining in that close of quarters your gunna find diamonds faster then mining in a straight line.
  10. Sorry man, thats pretty much guaranteed to be Xray. Be lucky its just a week.

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