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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Julie, Dec 16, 2017.

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    So I bought the VIP rank a year or two ago for thsi server, then went on a hiatus sometime between then and now. I logged in today for the re opening of the server to find I no longer have my rank. If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.
    My IGN is Mallosdes
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    Hi, I have the VIP rank also. I can't do anything without /fly XD. You guys know. Is there some way I can get reimbursed in any way where I can still have /fly? Honestly that is all I want. I'm perfectly willing to trade my entire rank for just /fly. After all, I paid more for the rank then then just the cost of the /fly command now. My IGN will be BrainJushe in 7 days. Today my IGN is personal. I have to change it in 7 days and my IGN today is not forum ready.
  3. I will look into this sorry for the late response.

    Without your IGN we cannot check Buycraft to confirm whether you have or have not purchased the rank. You can send me a message on here or on discord of your current IGN and we can look into it.
  4. I just purchased VIP+ yesterday night so my original post isn't relevant anymore. Thank you though, Impmon.
  5. yeah i noticed that last night sorry for replying late
  6. My ign is Yeeticus
  7. What is the issue?
  8. Years ago I bought VIP+ specifically for /fly and now that's not part of the rank. I need /fly for skyblock so I am willing to trade my rank for /fly only. After all I did pay more for VIP+ that what /fly costs on the store. Technically you're making a profit. Lel. That seems reasonable.
  9. Vip has never had fly.
    Fly isn't available until Mvp.

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