Villager Spawners

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Grrim, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. On Skyblock forest I have wasted about 4 villager eggs now trying to make my spawner a villager spawner, but it stays as a pig spawner...
  2. Never seen this before, I'll ask @Wubs about it
  3. Yeah, I've been doing the same thing, Even Shy and Cory tried to help me, I finally got my Villager spawner when Wubs came on and I told him and he changed it.
  4. This happened to me too. I've wasted two villager spawn eggs :/ i know its not that much but no one has helped me yet even though I've been waiting patiently for 2 days but its like i'm invisible in the chat or something cuz no one responds when i need help. the only person that has tried to help is cham but hes only an admin so he cant fix this problem.
  5. This happened to me too. Shy used one egg on the same spawner and I used used one and it stayed pig. I lost 6k worth of eggs. I'll ask Wubs maybe to make it villager
  6. Wubs is the man on this server
  7. Grim when does ur shop reopen?
  8. Ive used 3 also
  9. Wubs when will you be on?? I really need you to fix my villager spawner. I have been waiting for you to get on and help me for three days.

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