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  2. Is there no way you can message buycraft to get unbanned?
  3. I did twice but they're like "no lol" basicallyy ;-;
  4. I explained that I'm not the one who chargedback and they're like "Message the server owner" So what I learned is that you can go on a random server, buy someone something on buycraft for that server, chargeback and you get that person banned on buycraft.
  5. Did you try creating a new paypal account and such to see if that works?
  6. No, my account name "HeyImChan" is just banned. Even if you fill it out with fake info and stuff like "egek;ng" as the email and stuff, it says I have too much chargebacks.
  7. If I am not wrong it basically bans your IP so you can't buy stuff using your IP, I have the same problem :p
  8. Guys change ur ip... Föash sale? Gotta check it outttt
  9. Or tell me your credit card information and I'll buy you what you want :3
  10. Gotta trust Mr. Butt on this one! :O
    I think I will get MVP+ or Pro rank now.. They are just insanely cheap xD
  11. No, it's not a case of IP. It was a case of me letting DalmationMeowing AND YouAreADumE (Who have different ip than me) trying to purchase me a MVP rank, but it still says I was banned. We tried using VPNs, nothing. I tried letting Bloodshed and SuprFly putting my name but with random info, and it still says I have too many chargebacks. If you don't believe me, try it out yourself. Go to the store page, but before you buy something, put my name. Then for the billing info and stuff, just put random stuff. It should still say "Filed too many chargebacks"
  12. Rip, you can only beg to Buycraft to take off the charge back ban xD
  13. Change your name?
  14. it goes by uuid name changes wouldnt change a single thing
  15. oh... forgot about UUID's ....
  16. I can't confirm that this will work, but you could try email supporting nirvana, and explain your issue to Wubs. He might be able to allow your account to donate, or find a way around it and set your rank manually.
  17. Hmm maybe, cause Dalm and Dume were willing to purchase me a rank, but idk if wubs will let them for me, hehehe
  18. Maybe you can send money using paypal and Wubs will set your rank in the server?
  19. It's DumE who is going to buy me a rank (She said MVP) so yee idk if Wub's will allow it because... it's Dume.
  20. dume and dalm are not welcome on this network at all.

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