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  1. Hello my fellow Nirvanians! Long time not talk.
    We have some awesome updates to share with y’all!

    Staff Changes!

    • Komo, Grim, and lilwo are no longer with us.
    Current Staff Team

    Wubs - Owner

    HyKurtis - Developer

    Narnia - Manager
    Ordaine - Manager

    FartingHero - Admin+

    Insomniac(Dark) - Admin

    Ninjabree - Mod+
    Zoro - Mod+

    Ashxun - Mod
    LittleEcho(DarkEchoBlade) - Mod
    LazyMilk - Mod
    Impmon - Mod
    Narp - Mod
    Phyrework - Mod
    Ptolemy(Lord_Asriel/EdgyKetchup) - Mod
    ShiftyShift - Mod
    SmilingSlimeGuy - Mod

    ZeRoyalBudder - Helper

    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    Click here to see some helpful tips for applying.

    Cubed Chaos


    Welcome to Cubed Chaos Season 10!!!
    This season of Cubed we can welcome back one of the most requested plugins as well as awesome new features.

    • 1.11 - This means Llamas and all the other goodies that come with the brand new update!
    • Land Protection is back and better than ever! No more glitched out sponges!
      This seasons land protection works with ore blocks. The higher the ore value, the bigger your protected radius. Simply place a Coal, Lapis or Diamond ore and it will protect your land.There are some other cool new features such as adding friends to your land.
    • Custom Terrain! This season of cubed, we have included over 100 custom biomes! All kinds of new dungeons and places to explore.
    • Hard Difficulty - Cubed Chaos is now set to hard! This means fully armored mobs. You also better watch out for Zombie hordes, they attack when you least expect.
    We hope you all are exited for this brand new season of Cubed! Expect some cool new server competitions in the future!



    Welcome the brand new server KitPvp!

    • It uses the same map as our beloved Crusade and a brand new leveling system along with new kits to earn as you progress.
    • This server is currently still in Beta, but come help us test out the server and report any bugs you may find.
      Also feel free to suggest new killstreak and kit ideas, you may see them added in the future :p
    That is all for this week’s updates. As usual, if you have any questions, please leave a comment down below or message a staff member!
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  2. ummmmm Lazymilk is no longer a thing his new ign is Whitemilk you even got narps name wrong
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  3. Managers aren't responsible for staff changing their names xD
    Also I put the names players would know them as, not their new igns.
  4. Nice updates. <3 :$
  5. Why is Grim and Komo no longer a part of the staff team?
  6. Irl stuffs
  7. Long time, no talk*
  8. Long time no talk.*
    your welcom
  9. why u necropost this thread.
  10. why u necropost this thread more?
  11. I like updates.

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