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  1. Ahoy there mateys! It’s been a while.
    Here are all the updates that you may have missed during the Easter Holidays!

    Staff Changes!

    • Darkblade25 has been promoted to Helper.
    • xXLoL907Xx has been promoted to Mod.
    • Lord_Asriel has been promoted to Mod.
    • Davidious has been promoted to Mod.
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    The Hub


    Welcome to the Brand New Pirate Themed Hub!
    Do not fret! There is still the same old easy to use compass navigation.
    This new hub includes a few new features:

    • The Sheep Shooter.This is a shooting based hub game where you have to shoot sheep that are being shot out of a cannon! Nothing like a little sheep shootin’ to work on your bow shots.
    • Don’t forget to say hi to Bobo! He can be found hanging around the central area of the hub, waiting to throw you into the air with his mighty fists!
    The Hub PvP area has been temporarily removed due to the map change over. It may be added back in the next few weeks.



    Argh Matey! This new prison map be looking mighty ship shape.
    Thanks to the amazing hard work of Wubs and our Developers, Prisons is looking better than ever!

    • The entire prison map received a serious overhaul. All new mines, hub, guard area and more.
    • The PvP mine has been added with multiple levels of ores. Be mindful of the players around you as you will lose everything if you happen to die...
    • Explosive Pickaxe has also been added. Now you can mine with a bit more of a BANG! This new item is only available for purchase on the Nirvana Store.
    • Along with the serious map overhaul, the Guard Kit received a much needed nerf. The sharpness of the Baton has been reduced to Sharpness V to allow a more fair pvp experience for all players.
    To purchase your very own Explosive Pick, guard kit and many more items and perks. Visit the Nirvana Store here!

    Cubed Chaos


    You asked for it and now it is here! The PvP area on Cubed Chaos has been expanded.
    This new PvP area features:

    • The Cathedral! This church themed area includes a balcony, a nice big open room and even a ender portal in the back room.
    • The Dungeon! Don’t forget to head downstairs and check out the all new dungeon themed pvp area. This area is right below the original Cubed PvP area.
    • The main PvP area has also been opened up to allow more room to fight!
    There may also be a few secret pvp areas in the castle area above… Watch your step.


    Workers are back and working harder than ever!

    • You are now able to purchase them in the Nirvana Store.
    • To access your workers inventory, simply use the command /worker.
    If you do happen to have any issues or missing Workers, contact us via forums or email us [email protected]

    Ender Dragon Event


    I know some of you have missed it! The Ender Dragon Event on Cubed Chaos will be returning this Sunday after the staff meeting. (April 3rd, 4 PM EST)
    • To participate, simply be online. (April 3rd, 4 PM EST)
    • If you would like to visit the Island and check it out, use /pwarp Narnia Dragon.
    The same rules still apply.

    • No flying
    • One egg per player
    • No griefing
    We will see you guys Sunday! (April 3rd, 4 PM EST)

    If you have any issues or questions, you can message any staff member on the forums or post a reply below!
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    Any updates about Dungeon Crawls? :p

    btw thanks for update :::pPP::p:p:p
  3. Nope, no current updates.
  4. Thanks Narnia and Ordaine, We all Appreciate all your hard work <3
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  5. Can't wait for the ender dragon event today! I'll probably just spectate :p Then buy an egg later ;)
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  6. I'll give you mine, That's if I get one xD
  7. Hah I will actually be able to get to the Dragon event today :p
  8. Hi, does anyone know how kits work... I got vip+ and none of the kits work for prison.
  9. Also, does anyone know where the guard area is...
  10. There are currently no kits for prison, Although Vip have /warp private1
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  11. Thanks marc! Do you know when it will be added because on the nivana store, it shows that you get the booster, pvp, and diamond kits with vip+.
  12. They haven't updated for a long time the perks list in the store so some of the perks wont be in the game as it states in the store
  13. Can we work on fixing this by adding the kits...
    . I have an idea for these kits--
    . pvp kit-diamond sword with sharpness 2 fire aspect 1.
    . booster kit-diamond pick& diamond axe with efficiency 10 fortune 5
    . diamond kit- 10 diamond blocks, and non-enchanted diamond armor.
    hopefully you will use these for the kits. :)
  14. I can be in charge for creating kits :)
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  15. No you cant since ur not a staff member and not a Dev
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