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  1. Hello Players!

    This summer the Nirvana Network is ready for action. Over the past year Nirvana has worked hard to combine the best of our game modes into one network. We’ve built an entirely new hub, worked hard to be 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10 compatible and improved overall game-play. Come and play like never before with the classic Cubed Chaos, Lone Survivor, Skyblock Voyage, and newly released Towny. Not to mention the re-launch of the much loved Crusade game-mode.

    Nirvana has long been a PvP community. Minecraft as a whole has come a long way, and with the new combat updates came the heartbreaking realization that our favorite PvP game-modes would need work, and a lot of it. Our main concern has always been quality. We temporarily took down the buggy servers, and have worked endlessly to prepare them for a relaunch that would bring them back to their original glory. This is the time, this is the Summer! Prepare yourselves for a lot of updates, relaunches, and action.
    It starts now.

    • New Season - Cubed’s next season starts soon! Early summer 2016!
    • New Map - Build yourself up from the bottom. Start from the beginning and rule them all.

    • Newly Released - Hyrealm Towny recently merged with the Nirvana Network
    • PvP, Economy, and RPG - This summer Towny is releasing epic updates to include in-depth questlines, faction PvP (arena, 1v1, teams), dungeons for legendary drops custom weapons and armor.

    • Newly Released - Combining the best of our skyblock servers into one, epic server
    • Stronger Economy - Well balanced, tested and true.
    • Epic Crates - Newly released crates. These will contain unique items and tools.

    • 1.9 -1.10 ready!
    • Late summer 2016

    COME PLAY WITH US TODAY: play.nirvanamc.com

    Watch our newest animation here:
  2. Whos excited! Minecraft 1.9 the hit detection is going to be garbage but i honestly dont care. That animation was made a year ago so its not new
  4. ;-;

    To be honest I am really sad that there is another reset but I would still love to play in the new season :)

    if you can please answer to some questions about the new coming Cubed Chaos:
    • Will it be fully 1.9?
    • The new map will be custom?
    • Any new stuff will be added to it?

    Thanks for the update! Cant wait for all these changes! :D

    From august 2015 xD
  5. Yes
    Yes, but not as much as these season (less mesa's)
    We will see :p
    "Newest" xD not new.
  6. Ok thanks :)

    But still, almost one year ago xD

    Even the Hub has changed so it looked really weird to see the old one in the video :p
  7. At the start of the Cuned Chaos season will I receive the crates I bought from this season??
    I am really exited for the new CC season!! HYPE
  8. I'm ready for Crusade ;):D
  9. Im sharpening my sword 2 :p xD
  10. I'll be ready for you :p
  11. quick question: will everyone keep their stats or will it be reset?
  12. The crusade statistics will be kept and your old kills, deaths score will remain the same on the new Crusade :)
  13. Just realized that there is 1.10 update, maybe the new Cubed should be 1.10 instead of 1.9?
  14. That would be cool :O
  15. Why the heck is there the old hub in the animation....
  16. I love how I created a vote item by killing your chicken in the last season.... RIP Carl.. Killed by mouse lag
  17. Because this animation was uploaded about a year ago :)
  18. Im ready 5 crusade 2 questions tho will it support 1.8 and also if it doesnt are you turning off hit recharge

    ps really hope it supports 1.8/ no hit delay
  19. The 1.9 hit delay will be removed in the new crusade. Also, for anyone wondering, all your previous statistics will be kept :)
  20. Thanks im excited p5 will be reterned to me

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