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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for some trap like gadgets that we can use for our UHC game! Or any gadgets work too! Same goes with perks, let's keep this realistic! Thanks guys!

    When player makes contact with mine, they are blown back and slightly damaged.
    Nugget Cost: 1000
  2. Since when has UHC had perks and such? I thought UHC was to prove your PvE and PvP skills, and your luck. Not to place tons of Landmines and gets awesome perks. That just ruins the game IMO. Although, I know you guys need this because you can pay for nuggets, I'll be sticking to other UHC servers. However, I can provide some ideas for perks and gadgets.
    Player Tracker
    Tracks a player that is not sneaking and is within a 10 block radius of you.
    Nugget Cost : 15k Nuggets permanently
    Portable Crafting Table
    A crafting table that you can access quickly.
    Nugget Cost : 5k Nuggets permanently
    Portable Furnace
    A furnace that you can access quickly.
    Nugget Cost: 5k Nuggets permanently
    Superheat Pickaxe
    Whenever you mine an ore it will turn into the ingot rather than drop raw ore.
    Nugget Cost: Donor Perk or 5/10k Nuggets permanently
    Invisible Ink
    If your in a situation and need a quick escape, just use this to make yourself invisible for 3 seconds.
    Nugget Cost: 1500 Nuggets per use
    Shocking Shot (could be changed)
    Using this on a player will move their camera behind them making them face the other way and also makes them look upward.
    Nugget Cost: 1500 Nuggets per use
    To avoid spam and advantages, you can only use those per use items only once per game. So you can't just buy 100 landmines and build a castle and place landmines all over the land.
  3. UHC won't be what you'll think it'll be. We've added our own custom things to it aswell, but still managed to keep it fair and still fun!
  4. I love doing this!

    When a player walks over this, it destroys its self, and 3 blocks under it. The player can deepen the hole
    1000 Coins per trap
    Lava Shower
    When activated, bubles for a few seconds, the fills a 3-block high 1x1 pillar with lava, pusing blocks up if needed.
    10000 coins per trap
    Poison Ivy
    Places a 2-high grass that when touched, gives poison I for 2 seconds. Removing it with your hand gives you poison I for 4 seconds.
    1000 Coins per trap.
    Can I make craftable traps/perks?
  5. These are awesome, thanks for taking to time to write this up! ;) Feel like doing what you think is right
  6. Thanks! But I have one question though. Can I make perks/traps craftable?
  7. What we've got so far, is it's a virtual shop that allows you to access it, and when you buy a trap you receive an item connected to the trap. (The item that makes the trap effective.)

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