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  1. I am thinking of starting a,town would anyone be intrested in helping me in any way building maniging or build ideas

    Thx surez20
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  2. What kind of town are you thinking of building?
  3. Obviously I'd be the chief as usual right?
  4. Cool! I think I could help, but wait 3 weeks I'm in a orchestra just got in today :). And I'll be making a album and 7 wonders of the world I could help you out man :)
  5. Is it modern, old school, or futuristic
  6. Like a shop and plot one @emmaalovescats
  7. Dunno bit a both
  8. Bit of all 3?
  9. No future and past
  10. I'll help! I'm quite good at building buildings and house,also getting materials too! :)

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