Too Many Chargebacks?! Help?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by TheeReap, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I'm a new player that just joined maybe 30 minutes ago and I was trying to purchase skulls for Lone Survivors. It keeps on telling me that I have too many charge backs when 1. I'm new to the sever 2. I've never purchased anything?
    If I could get some help I would really appreciate it. Thanks! P.S: I provided a picture below of what it keeps on telling me.
  2. Use a different credit card :)
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  3. It doesn't even let me put my CC information in. I'm not able to get passed this part. @StickiePiston [​IMG]
  4. This happens when you have opened chargebacks on a credit card or Paypal. A chargeback is when you buy something an online store, you get the item, but then you apply for a refund for your money. This most likely happened because you or someone that is using the PayPal has opened one or more chargebacks.
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  5. I know what a charge back is. I think it's something with the shop because I just bought a rank on another sever 2 days ago and I also checked if I could buy something on that same server after reading your reply and it allowed me to. I also tried selecting the Payment Wall option and it just says the same thing.... :( @Grrim
  6. I'm sorry to hear that, but it's not on our end. Our store will not allow you to buy from it if you have too many chargebacks.
  7. But even with Payment Wall ? I don't think you can charge back with Payment Wall lol @Grrim
  8. The server and website are set up so after a certain percentage of chargebacks, it blocks you from purchasing.

    Chargebacks aren't refunds. It is a complaint against the company saying you were scammed. With these types of purchases, there aren't refunds.

    To fully understand the chargeback process go here.
  9. Same thing happened to me just cause some kid on a diff server charged back a rank he bought me for no reason.
  10. That should affect him and not you since it was under his paypal
  11. Yeah but I read stuff on other forums about others having this issue as well and it's also based on the Minecraft Name. Also, a server using Buycraft could ban you from it for chargeback and that'll affect you when trying to purchase things on different servers.

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