To Whoever it may concern...

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by caleb_gaming, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Hey long time no see... Well to anyone who actually remembers me!

    I can't believe nirvana is still up and running, to be completely honest. Not saying i expected it to go down or anything just saying its been up for so long now, and i can't say I've been here with it. But I've Seen it come and grow, and its falls but, its still here.

    For whoever remembers me Congrats you got a good memory, because i used to play on here a lot when i was younger, and then i took a break... if a break means 1-3 years.came back played then took a break for school another year or so.

    Message me if you remember me ;)

    To make it so this post is allowed in this forum column Are people blacklisted from skyblock voyage or do you have to be white listed to play?
  2. I remember you.. kinda :3
  3. Dude I definitely remember you. Two words: Redstone Door (or Bob Ross, both work)

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