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Why are one sided polls so annoying?

  1. Because this is the right answer

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  2. but we'll put the opposite answer here and hint at the top being correct making you feel bad.

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  1. :O :O :O
    he will hack guys... The butt man is coming.
  2. With the butterclient ;-;
  3. its extremely easy to tell if someone is automining especially if they tp you a block away to see if you would freak out and if you didnt react and broke the same block at a different angle now cause you were moved shows you didnt just tape down your mouse
  4. Not trying to be rude but I understood nothing :/

    Lol what kind of things would be in the butter client? o:
  5. Hack: Aimbot: (Aims to the butt)
    Insta-Butter(Refills hunger)
    Fly:(Butterfly hack)
    Killaura(Slap people to the butt)
  6. More like Aimbutt xD
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  7. I saw that
  8. We all did xD
  9. W
    What happened? :p
  10. Komo saw that I said "Unless I will"- Ugh never mind, too complicated to explain
  11. test (sorry komo)

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