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Why are one sided polls so annoying?

  1. Because this is the right answer

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  2. but we'll put the opposite answer here and hint at the top being correct making you feel bad.

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  1. Auto clickers dont always come with hacked clients, you just download them as a whole different program.
  2. 98% of the time you will never see a hacked client used for an autoclicker. They just dont exist most of the time. Every autoclicker is either a seperate program or a macro that comes with your keyboard program. Like my razer keyboard. In razer synapse you can make macros that are autoclickers. I have never seen a client with an autoclicker. They dont exist.
  3. They do exist, I saw one in a 2b2t video
  4. I am talking now about auto mine, which most of the hacked client has :) How you can tell the difference?
  5. your head snaps on automine is how they can tell lol
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  6. Not always, once I actually wanted to test hacked client and it didn't snapped the head when I was mining with auto mine
  8. I KNEW you or Alkiri will say something like that xD

    Just to clear out I only tested it in a singleplayer world :p
  9. Thats y It didn't work
  10. Why would the head snap around? It is not kill aura
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    Komo i want to believe u but if you put tape then it would be autoclicking constantly... but everyone saw that you were autoclicking every 5 seconds or so. I doubt you have some special tape that clicks on the mouse every 5 seconds. Komo can you pls explain how tape can make your mouse click at a constant time?
  12. Thats what came to my mind as well but Instill dont think komo is hacki ng @Komo can you explain this?
  13. Kurt me aswell i dont want to think that komo is autoclicking nor would i think he would autoclick but kinda strange...
    Maybe he has some special tape that get heavier every 5 seconds im not sure
  14. no, becuase u were in a single player world
  15. I'll try it on a random server :p
  16. Ive explained it more than once. I dont know what happened so I cant explain it. I said what I did, anything else is confusion on my end also.
  17. Weird
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  18. We can all agree that it is weird, and even though I didn't see anything myself, I am convinced that Komo wouldn't use an autoclicker. We haven't tested it yet, but it might've been caused by a skyblock reboot which would've send Komo back to the hub and made it look like he was autoclicking... No idea to be honest.


    (plot twist: random server = nirvana)
    *eZ ban*

  19. I dont care about this anymore i dont think he was autoclicking, Even if he was autoclicking im sure it wasnt for anything bad like people who use it in pvp. Just how his character was hitting consistently was strange.
  20. It was normal, no head snapping, I am pretty sure if I was using it in Nirvana the Staff wouldn't find out :/

    I will never hack on Nirvana,

    Unless I will :3

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