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Why are one sided polls so annoying?

  1. Because this is the right answer

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  2. but we'll put the opposite answer here and hint at the top being correct making you feel bad.

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  1. Ok so lets lay this out there. Everyone saw me with an "autoclicker", this is not true it was tape and Im still confused how it looked like autoclicking. I saw the video and I would ban myself honestly. It makes no sense but thats not the worst part. Frankly Im extremely mad at the fact everyone believes it. Ive been a part of this server for a year and a month. Ive worked my ### off to get this far in staff and Im not going to risk it on some stupid autoclicker. So this thread is for everyones accusasions to get everything out in the open. It pisses me off seeing little sublte things being said about me. Cough* cough* certain crusade happy donor cough* cough* and I want it to stop. So this thread is for all of you to vent and for me to ignore:) Happy venting about how bad of an admin I am. Thanks<3 Oh and for the people who actually believe me and have faith in me. Thank you. Honestly. Thank you. To much toxicity, so good job those people. The people that know how out of character this post is will see just how mad this is making me.

    ps. I tried to censor myself as much as possible so sorry if one thing or another offends you, not my intention.
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  2. I don't think the people the accused you really thought u were using an auto clicker (an admin wouldnt be that stupid xD), I think they just did it for the drama or because they were bored and they wanted to do something (<---just my thoughts)
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  3. Wait so can we use tape to auto click? I don't understand
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  4. no autoclicking at all taping down your mouse is not a form of autoclicker.....
  5. The whole story is that I afk'd cobble mined on skyblock by taping down my mouse. On the restart I got sent to hub obv. While I was there I was clicking like it was an autoclicker. Now you see the confusion
  6. Yea but does taping your mouse making it auto click is allowed now or not?
  7. autoclicking is a program NOT allowed. Taping/putting weight on the mouse is just a clever way to keep mining. IS allowed
  8. yeah XD everyone used it on SBUltimate for AFK Fish farms, LOL
  9. Komo I saw you do it in hub and I saw in chat sooo much Toxic NOOOOOBBBSSSSSSS Saying they were going to get you banned but I was like U IDIOTS! (<---- Didn't say that part in chat, just in mah head) HE WAS JUST KICKED FORM A RESTART WAS USING TAPE TO AFK MINE COBBLE! I knew it cause when I was about to afk I saw in chat Komo saying somethings like gonna afk mine cobble and i asked how? and he said tape down my mouse and i was like GENIUS, and that too when I got kicked from the reset I was auto clicking (using Komos GENIUS method ofc) and then they focused on Komo and not also me so I was like Yall want DRAMA!

    I rest my case, any objections and the Case in Uplifted Again
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  10. also Komo i hate ur poll, any vote we take we are saying u are a hacker
  11. But basically both ways giving the same solution :/ Is there a way to find out if the player used a hacked client or taped his mouse?
  12. yes theres obvious ways of telling the difference
  13. #KomoForBan2016
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  14. I am just curious, really, like what?
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  15. Komo I did that cough thing but it was a joke.
    Anyways. I didnt think you would hack because you are a staff for a long time now. When i was talking to the person that had proof I tols him he is usimg hack clienta to catch other hackers, probably. I kept on protecting you but he said How would an autoclicker help catch hackers and stuff like that. Well I didnt believe you hacked, because you were here for a long time now. He said stop giving him excuses we can clearly see. I was confused at that point, but I didnt believe that you were autoclicking. And I was like he is probably doing it for something good. Sorry to get you pissed off on the cough cough thing... Just sorry in general. So the things i tuped is ehat i was feelimg the whole time
    Rip grammar, I'm on mobile.
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  16. Thanks man. I was using the cough as a joke also ;P and sorry about mobile. I was in that same situation when I didnt have internet and had to use data on my phone. It sucks
  17. Usually the easiest client people use to auto click is Kill Aura, and kill aura auto clicks and makes u face towards the NEAREST PLAYER, so If you suspect someone for kill aura in hub go beside them and then see if they turn to u and swing rapidly

  18. He meant autoclicker programs, Not clients.
  19. Lets say "Auto Mine", how staff can detect if it is a taped mouse or a hack client?
  20. or an auto clicker program..

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