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  1. What's going on ladies and gents,
    Today is a great day... A fantastic day, in fact its the best day of any day that has happened today. So today, the greatest of days, the day now known as "The Great Day", I am going to update you all on every little piece of information that has happened, what's happening, and what is going to happen.

    What's Happened?
    So B.T.G.D, or "Before the great day" as the past is now called, there had been so many changes listing them all is insanity. Luckily I am insane, so here we freaking go...
    • Moved Off NirvanaManager
    • Re-Coded the Hub
    • New Bungee System
    • New Chat Management System
    • New Banning System
    • Re-Coded Crusade
    • Added Red vs Blue
    • Re-Coded Workers
    • Re-Coded Scoreboards
    • Re-Coded Bossbar
    • New Ban System
    • New Core "OASIS"
    • New Security System
    • New Boxes
    • New Everything...
    Why did we do all that stuff? Well the old core "NirvanaManager" was outdated, confusing, and difficult to work on. So we made a new core, and with that new core we basically had to re-do everything. So now you're wondering whether or not the new core was worth it, well what took us a year, we did in 3 weeks. Yes there are still some missing features, but those will be implemented, bugs will be all squashed out, and I would say by the end of September the network will be twice as good as it was "B.T.G.D".

    What's Happening?
    As of right now,

    Tyler is working on an incredibly long list of bugs and missing features, which should be completed by the 8th.
    Trav is working on fixing bugs, a new game, and working with our anticheat's API to sort out those final quarks.
    Wubs is working on a new game, bug fixes, and our new build team's server.

    So a few weeks ago, the members of Ascend had left the team due to multiple issues, and as such I did not want their actions associated with Nirvana any longer. Recently I have teamed together with a new builder, and we are starting a new team. I am incredibly excited about this...

    What's Going to Happen?
    New games and loads of bug fixes. Within the next 12 days you will see, well let me count... uh yeah the one with the boom, and then that splatter one, and then that one were you get stuff and fight eachother, and that running one we used to have, and then the new build team server - So 4 new games, and a new build team server! The person who can guess all 4 games correctly first, will win 25k Nuggets! Staff members can't guess, because I tell you what's happening!

    There you go, you have been updated! New stuff is happening, and I love it. Yeah stuff was shaky for a few days, but we got our feet back under us and are starting to stand back up, and eventually shoot off into the sky!

    I love you guys very very much.
    - MrSuperSweet
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    Tnt wars, paintball, survival games/walls (idk which xD) and infinite parkour? I'm not sure but this is all great news and I'm so looking forward to the future of the server!! :D
  3. "The Great Day". Super happy for all of these updates can't wait for more to come :D.
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    First one is probably something related with TNT, so TNT Wars? Maybe TNT Spleef? Pass the TNT? Creeper Fight? Minesweeper? Minefield? Minestrike? Bomb lobers? Tnt run? Search and destroy?
    Second one is Paintball most likely because of splat. Maybe it is Splatoon? Like what SethBling made?
    Third is Walls because I beta tested it or SG but I doubt it because walls is about to come out.
    Fourth is obviously Infinite Parkour, which I never got to play.

    Edit: i read some previous threads for suggestions and I saw one that said Bomberman, so i think it might be bomberman.
    Edit 3: Walls goes boom, Splatoon goes splat, Survival Games where you kill people, Infinite parkour running one.
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  5. This is awesome! Can't wait for the new changes!
  6. Hype!!! :D
    Can't wait for the new minigames !!
  7. Lemme see that New Crusade boi.
  9. Meh chikeng is Hype for dis new Crusade!
    Sorry for the bad spelling :p
  10. We will never forgiave...
  11. Spelling pls :p
  12. You know I did it in porpse xD
  13. Lol I was confused with that xD
  14. Haha raight ;D
  15. I want the nuggets but I have no idea what the games are!!!
  16. First - Walls
    Second - Splatoon
    Third - Infinite Parkour
    Fourth - Bomberman maybe?
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  17. That's awesome! Will we be able to apply for the Build Team?
  18. First - Walls
    Second - Splatoon
    Third - SG
    Fourth - Infinite Parkour
    gimme 25k pls
  19. NOOOO! HOW DO YOU GUYS KNOW ALL OF THIS?!?!? I WANT THEM NUGGETS!!! Sorry for the caps .-.
  20. its mine now!

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