There should be a new... thing, just look at the thread I will show xD

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Kurtisdede, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. upload_2016-8-11_12-50-47.png
    ^^ Look at those... There is something missing. A Cringe Emoji(or whatever those are)
    I even draw a sprite for it!
    Look! How cool is that!
    Exactly what I feel about this thread.
    upload_2016-8-11_12-50-47.png upload_2016-8-11_13-1-24.png
  2. yeah no......
  3. I'm even more triggered now!
  4. Take this and post this on Ordaine's thread xD
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  5. too lazy, you do it
  6. Is this really in server discussion? Shouldnt it be in off topic as its completely useless to the server?
  7. But it's Forum Discussion!
  8. not how it works

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