The Problems With Mob Stacking

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Should it remain, or be removed?

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  1. Stay in place

  2. Get removed

  1. For quite some time now, mob stacking has been emplemented in skyblock. But it sucks, and here's why:

    1. Ruins farming efficiency. I have a mob grinder, it has a large enough drop to kill anything that spawns. But it doesn't. because of mob stacking it will kill one mob, but a stack of 7 other mobs will survive.

    2. Ruins animal farming Say you have two cows, You want to breed them to get more, right? Nope. As soon as you bring them close to breed them, Boom they stack. Egg farms have the same problem, instead of having a pile of 50 chickens above a hopper, you have to have 1 chicken over a hopper and then stack water on top to get more eggs.

    3. Makes the game easier. If you are getting swarmed by zombies you could die, but good ol' job stacking makes them all become one zombie to run away from instead of 20, thus increasing the probability of you surviving. Which is bad.

    But if course mob stacking can be good, as it removes server lag, can increase efficiency in special types of farms, and you can see reason #3 as a good thing.

    But that's why I think mob stacking is plain dumb and should be removed.
  2. Mob stacking was implemented due to a few players hogging the entire servers mob counts.
    A few islands would have a few hundred mobs per.
    Islands were being made and torches weren't being used = hundreds of hostile mobs.
    Chicken farms had 200-300 chickens per 1x1 farm.
    Cow farms had 200-300 cows...
    I think you see where I am going with this.

    We warned players to watch their counts and not abuse their farms and counts... After a few months of staff having to go to each island and kill off numbers and clear farms by hand, the mob stacking was pretty much required so everyone else could have fair mob spawns on the server.
  3. This can be fixed by changing a single thing in the plugins' config file, I'll ask Wubs to do to increase the efficiency of your farms.

    Pretty sure you can bread stacked mobs, but eitherway, stacked chickens drop more eggs than non-stacked chickens. The system behind it is just some fancy complicated math, but it makes it so 100x Chicken will drop waay more eggs than just 1 chicken. Pretty neat if you ask me ;)

    Although I do have to agree with you, it is not entirely true. Players on skyblock are in most cases very OP anyways. If they don't have god sets already, they have /fly and can just fly away...

    Mob Stacking will most likely not get removed, while it has some cons, the beneficials of it are incredible. The mob stacking allows players to have way more mobs on their island, without even the slightest amount of lag, which is good for you and other players on the server.

    ~ Slime
  4. Didn't Know that stacked chickens drop more eggs.

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