The Origin of Ordaine

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Ordaine, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. The "Original" Ordaine


    I know some of you hear of where I come from... you hear tails of the glory days of Warcraft...


    The first day I ever logged into Warcraft... The day "Ordaine" was born.
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  2. CringeMaster3000. ;P
  3. CringeMaster4000
    because your post was cringy too =(
    Sorry, K0m0
  4. Aren't you like 20 years old? How you born in 2010? o:
  5. way too much cringe
  6. this makes me triggered
  7. (his cringe level is over 9000!)

    I agree with the above
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    The day Ordaine was born - 2010
    Wow, you are only, in reality, 6 years old.
    How do you have a girlfriend?
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    Wolfie Y u dislike?
    It was just a joke...
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  10. also he is actually 20, the 6th anniversary was probs an event or the 6th year he has been play warcraft
  11. no he joined on the 6th birthday of warcraft back then he even stated this.....
  12. Don't forget Scandor, man. Also BobSaget7 or something.

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