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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by AlKiRi, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. At first I was like :eek:
    Now i'm like "lol"
  2. welp better then nothing i guess :p
  3. Where's Grim? :(
  4. fixed
  5. You are god dam right
  6. You weesh
  7. At first I was like: @Kurtisdede cringe button
    Now I'm like: @Kurtisdede spamming cringe button
  8. it's not even a button, who came up with the cringe button? it's just a cringe icon!!! not a button! all Butters fault! :p[​IMG] there
  9. Even the button itself is cringy xD
  10. IT'S NOT A BUTTON!!!!
  11. It is, I can click it o:
  12. @AlKiRi wow I see I didn't make the list :(</3
  13. everyone probably forgot about you :(
  14. Aww damn :(

    not like i haven't played in months XD:)
  15. wot
  16. Yea Zom we know, Alkiri made the list xD
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  17. so everything is a button since you can click it?? lol
  18. Yeap, just not all the buttons do things
  19. He just had his mouse taped, bro.
  20. Yeah I legit thought that he used an autoclicker.
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