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    So I decided to make a honorable players list just to leach off Butter's idea, but with players instead of staff, so grab some pop corn, and get ready to read my thread
    NOTE: this is satire, so if you feel offended for some reason, ... well too bad I guess xD

    Axmill: big con artist and nice public farms
    Mr_Buttermen: Forum Community Manager Wannabe
    Kurtisdede: not actually dede, but braindede
    FireWarriorGirl_: Somehow has the cringiest IGN
    AlKiRi: Most loved/hated player/ most controversial humor
    ALapizBlock: went through his furry phase
    WhoStoleMyHani: stuck in his furry phase
    WhoStoleMyJob: 50% discounted WhoStoleMyHani
    ZomSlayaa: actually called Courtneigh
    Haxmill: Axmill ripoff
    Lovergirl78: *filthy frank green screen plays* IT'S TIME TO STOP *walks away*
    Leafy: wait who
    Grrim: Gwim Slipper
    EmoSparrow18_: hit Elmo phase early
    Ashxun: not actually called Ash
    Narnia: Narnia book ripoff
    KaiTDS_902: random kid with a life
    RedstoneUSA: not actually from the USA
    Fartinghero: bae with spooners
    ExtremeStats: not so extreme stats as Wub's
    Wubs: I just wanted to add him in here because... let's face it, he's Wubs.
    MrSuperSweet: Only owner in the WHOLE world that has resigned
    Impmon: 2kCringe16
    MrThuperThweet: 50% discounted MrSuperSweet
    PeteZahHutt/Logdotzip: no lifes
    Sharpshot(numbers): hacker with no hacks
    Komo: Hacker Staff
    ITALIANBOY65: not actually Italian
    SmilingSlimeGuy: not actually smiling, neither a slime, neither a guy...
    And I think that's the most I can pull off without getting banned, so Imma leave you there with cringe... I seriously don't know how to end posts....
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  2. what was the point of this xD and i love how you labeled a few of us, i feel like this is your way to get hated more than you already are.
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  3. Please remove this from your post, things like this shouldn't be posted on the forums.

  4. Butthurt people incoming, WARNING!
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  5. I just see some 9 year old kid writing a novel on the forums dissing me because of what I just wrote xD
  6. The point was cringe, pure solide cringe. @Kurtisdede kringe button pwease
  7. wat
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  8. just cause someone watches some anime doesnt make them a weeaboo and the thing thats the biggest lie is this
    not most loved at all you are one of the most hated tho
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    "NOTE: this is satire"
  10. "NOTE: it does not matter
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    Removed weeaboo section due to a salty anime lover
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  12. I'm from the USA :p
  13. atleast you're not butt hurt like Lovergirl78, she spammed my PMs saying that she'll hack me....
  14. first of all, cringe.
    second... cringe.
    third, people are going to be hating this: ssg: not a guy, LOL made me laugh.
  15. what?? i'm here, here ya go
    Seriously @Wubs @Ordaine @Narnia add this to the forums, everyone needs it.
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  16. LOL couldn't agree more

    sorry for triple-posting, don ban me plz.
  17. Everyone has their secrets

    I agree :3
  18. i like how hes saying salty anime lover but nobody was salty about it
  19. No.
  20. it was worth a try.

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