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  1. We hope you’re having a great day.
    We have just a few minor updates over the past two weeks.

    Staff Changes!

    • At_Shadow has been promoted to Mod
    • Velvetta_ has been promoted to Mod
    • DarkEchoBlade has been promoted to Mod
    • Darkblade25 has been promoted to Mod
    • Pixless has been Promoted to Helper
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    Cubed Chaos




    The “Vote Crate” has been renamed to the “Nature Crate.”

    • The “Nature Crate” still includes the traditional eggs, but we have introduced more nature themed items.
    The “Combat Crate” has been added.
    • The old vote tools and armor that we’ve all come to love have been moved to this new “Combat Crate” with several new additions.
    • More fun items have also been added such as: the Example Sword and the Lightsaber.
    New “Cookie Crate” items have been added.
    • Check out the new enchanted Sour Milk, The Cookie Shooter & more!
    If you have any ideas for items you would like added to the Crates, feel free to suggest them! We’re always open to your opinions on things such as this.

    Friends List


    The Friends list is back!

    • You can now add your friends and join them wherever they’re playing.
    • Simply type /friends and all of the available commands will be displayed!
    This plugin is still very new to our server. Be sure to keep a lookout for bugs or any issues you may find and report them.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can message any staff member on the forums or post a comment below!
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  2. Loving all the new crate's that have been added to Cubed, Congrats to DarkBlade25, DarkEchoBlade, Velvetta_ and Pixless!
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  3. Gratz on the promotions! Finally we got the /friend system back! :D

    Thanks for the update!
  4. hi has any staff seen my thread on skyblock as i really want my workers back thanks
  5. iblower scammed me on skyblock with his friend nini_nicki they said they would repair my bow but they just took it i will post the video soon plz look further into this thank you for your time!
  6. i am not i have proof
  7. i did not say that i just bought your auc on skyblock i did not help niki
  8. niki is not my friend i dont know him i just was doing a favour by repair his god axe
  9. nini and u said u would repar it and u took it off the auc and kept it i have a vid and 2 screenshots to prove it
  10. i did not say this i just bought it a auc is not a scam
  11. nini and you said you would buy the auc and repar it for me then you bidded and got it for $5 and kept it you scammers i hope you are banned for your griefing/scamming
  12. i did not nini is not my friend i dont know him i got it for 10$ look at the auc
  13. see no reply you did do it you scammer and dont forget about nini it was mainly him /her
  14. if you auc something everyone can buy it
  15. if you auc it everyone can buy it and i am not scaming i am just buying something i want
  16. no u said u would by the auc repair it and give me the bow back but instead you bidded won the auc and kept it for you and nini
    i hope staff see this because you are just a true scammer
  17. i did not say anything i have proof i just bought it
  18. what's your story then if "apparently" you didnt do it (when you did)??
  19. i just bought it thats all
  20. just admit that you did it if you admit now you might not get banned but by lying you are just making it harder for you and nini so just own up and it will be over instead of lie after lie after lie
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