The Half-False Ban

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Who is at fault here?

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  2. Chan

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    I am here to try to prove my innocence on my ban (Minor Grief).
    In this picture below, Grrim says that after he warned me of throwing shovels into peoples inventory while them opening Vote Crates that I continued to do so, which apparently extended my ban by a day or two.
    Picture: GrimStupid.JPG

    First off, I was banned for the Video I uploaded onto my Youtube Channel of me doing so (throwing shovels). Near the end of the video, you see Grrim pop-up for a split second before I turned off OBS. This is when Grrim warned me of throwing shovels into people's inventories.

    Okay, got that out of the way. Next, in the picture above it says that I continued to do so even after Grrim warned me. However, I did not continue to do so. I don't have proof of that BECAUSE I did not throw any more shovels into people's inventory. Now... Grrim basically Warns me then BANS me for something I didn't do, and he has no proof.

    What are your thoughts on this. Is it I at fault here or is Grrim at fault and my ban time be reduced to 3/4 days?

    (Got 2d ban originally for the video, then got 5d total ban for what's mentioned above + scamming someone else)

    *Serious post*

    p.s Neon4Mod+ he deserves it
  2. To be fair chan, we were getting a lot of reports from players as well as staff that you were doing this. Filling their inv at the vote crate.
    We didn't even take into account the hopper system at your base that looks like a theft machine judging by how it is made and the commands you used on it.
  3. Those reports were probably from before Grrim warned me.
    Secondly, the hoppers under the carpet were for my trash bin system, but since the staff didn't like it I took it out.
    I put a magnet on a chest in my other base to test it cause someone told me about flags (tried out hopper and magnet, to see if it'll be a cool magic trash can)

    edit: the only time i threw shovels into inv after grrim warned me was Darkblade, but I threw like 3 shovels just to mess with him. No harm was done cause it didn't fill up his entire inventory.
  4. What did neon do?

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