The Big Bertha Project!

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by Mr_Buttermen, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. So yeah guys I started today to make an gigantic project called "The Big Bertha Project" (don't ask why I choose that name) :p

    From time to time I will edit this thread and I will show images of whats going on, I want to make this as a base for all my farms and stuff :)

    I might later make there a warp and I will public it and then peoples could help me if they want :D

    btw if you didn't understand, I will dig down to bedrock ;D

  2. why did you choose that name:p
    also I could help you dig if you give me tools and btw do you need all of that coble you get and if you dondt need it then you can give it to me
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    I am not gonna public it yet, but its gonna be soon :)

    Everything you'll find in this massive dig will be yours, even if you find diamonds and spawners :)

    Btw I think I will release it to the public in in about a day or 2 ;D
  4. Just so you know in a mod called Orespawn there is a big sword called "Big Bertha" it's one of the most iconic swords in the mod. It's a big sword that does 200 damage
  5. I know that mod
  6. Yeah I know.

  7. Can i help today?

    GOOD LUCK :3
  9. I might try to help
  10. gl and i could help u u can just tp me in and well make a haste2 beacon and go ham i loving helping out
  11. btw it does 500 dmg

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