Thank you, Staff.

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  1. Lately, Staff has been hit with a truck load of work on the network, whether it be Cubed Chaos, Skyblock, Crusade, listening to our complaints, etc. They're always quick to fix imperfections and solve our problems. But you know what's missing?

    A thank you.

    Many thank you's for that matter.

    Now, I've only been playing on NirvanaMC for about a month, but let me tell you.. This staff team is probably the best I have seen. They're always understanding. They always try their best. They make sure that we have the best playing experience we could possibly get. And more importantly, the devote their time to make us happy.

    They fixed so many issues during these few weeks, and sometimes they didn't even get a thank you. And I know I'm guilty of it too.

    Now I know that this forum post isn't the best thank you I can give, but as a player, it's the best I could do at this current moment. So, I'm going to pitch in my two cents, make a forum post about it, and hopefully some other people show their appreciation.

    Thank you.
    To the entire NirvanaMC staff committee. You've surely made mine, and a lot of other players' playing experience the best they could've gotten.
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  2. And a thank you to the amazing players like you, who make our job possible without you there wouldn't be an us. Thanks to you for you being you, you're truly an amazing player<3
  3. Awh, thanks for the message, we really try our hardest to make sure the community has fun :) This really warms our hearts to know that you did this.
  4. Aww! Thank you So much! If anyone deserves the thanks here, its you; for being such a sweet person. Kudos to you. May karma reward you kindly! <3
  5. May I say, thank you for being a part of the Nirvana Network. Thank you for the dedication and love you have shown the community. We are here to make the players happy, and enjoy our experiences together. Make memories, and connect with everyone we can. It has been great seeing the outcome of our efforts, and seeing the entertainment we produce is phenomenal. Thank you for the amazing feed back, and connecting with our staff team.
    Much love,
    -Emily/RadVibes <3
  6. <3 love you guys.
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  7. It's amazing to see players like you, staff wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you so thank you so much! Love you all <3
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  8. Absolutely right :)

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