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  1. If any of you played TF2 on minecraftuniverse's old server it war REALY fun. I was thinking nirvana should have the same where u can capture capture points and equip different classes or kits
  2. You might want to provide more detail on this
  3. TF2 in minecraft is where there is a red v blue game of 10 - 15 players on each team. Each player can equip different kits which gives them different armor potions and weapons. To win you have to stand on a capture point for about 10 seconds(each capture point will be a pressure plate). There will be 5 capture points that spawn randomly throughout the game. There should also be VIP kits included based upon rank.BTW please leave suggestions for kits pls. Thank You
  4. Sounds ok, I would play it
  5. I feel like NirvanaMC is based around excusing, unique minigames. This has already been done several times and therefore is not unique.
  6. Nirvana has survival games and so do many other servers. Also mieplex has draw my thing just like nirvana and kit pvp and crusade are prettymuch the same thing. :p.
  7. But Nirvana manages to make those gamemodes unique by putting their own little spin on them.
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  8. ik but i still don't understand whats wrong with TF2 plus not many servers have it anyway :p :p
  9. Yah but nirvana likes original games by them
  10. We would do TF2 its just a bunch of servers have it and players would just play on theres rather than ours :( We have survival games and other games because we feel we can make them better than the other servers - but TF2 is difficult :(
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  11. Ya I was thinking that

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