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    Trading system : I would like a trading system like /trade [Name] so there is a GUI that pops up and you can trade with it.

    Buy commands with money : maybe add like a thing so you can buy commands like /back for like 150K and /thru for 100K or something like that.

    buy in the NirvanaMc store : Could you add like spawn eggs in the store for 15$ maybe?.
  2. Good idea! This could help with players scamming each other.<3
  3. Spawn eggs are in the donor shop the commands are donor aswell and to easy to get 150k to unlock them but the trade would be kindof nice
  4. I would like a villager egg to be in the normal people shop. Iron farms do end up kinda becoming a requirement on I think either advanced or elite? And you need villagers for it. Maybe do a challenge where you get a villager spawner or a villager egg
  5. This sounds really neat! Would like to see this ingame soon<3
  6. I mean when you do /buy so you can buy spawn eggs from NirvanaMc Shop
  7. super small chance of ore spawning in cob gens just to help with low level people

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