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  1. Crusade : People that play on crusade want fun and exploring while pvp so could you please get a new map. Add a 1v1 plugin maybe so you can 1v1 with kit basic

    Just every server on Nirvana : Get like more than one crusade hosted on a other part of the world fx china

    Skyblock : would be nice if you add like a maze you have to complete to get to the Secret shop.
    And could you please add more stuff to the Donor Shop

    Cubed Chaos : Add Quests and Dungeons where you can find op stuff.

    Ascend creative : maybe add some tiny bit of world edit for Mvp and Mvp+

    Zombies : More than one map to play because it starts to get boring if you play it over and over again.
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  2. They need to also add staking in Crusade for nuggets.

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