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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Komo, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. So basically we bring back Frost. Plain and Simple.

    I personally started on frost and loved the Economy and how things worked. After the hack we had to move to Forest and things were the same for a while. Huge farms for pumpkins and cactus and such were made shortly after and turned the economy into garbage in my honest opinion. With the introduction of casinos the economy took a nosedive from what it already was. My Idea is to bring back the old map Frost if it still exists and to outlaw economy breaking things such as huge pumpkin and cactus farms, and casinos. Most players will not go for that part because there will be no "easy and quick" way to get money with hardly any work. I still think this is a great addition and would love any input or suggestions. In my plan huge farms and casinos are nonnegotiable. They are outlawed to 1. reduce lag 2. keep the economy intact.
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  2. :) Nice suggestion
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  3. Thanks a lot man <3
  4. Yeah but I mean eh.... you do have a point but when you think about it its like this, to build an epic island you need alot of blocks and blocks cost alot of $$$, now say you got rid of the money makers what would people do? I mean you could just manualy farm but nobody wants that, it takes too long and is too boring to do, as for bringing back the other maps I have to say no, skyblock has 3 maps already and 3 more is not really gonna do anything, its just gonna split up some players from forest and such, and what bothers you about farms and casinos and what not, they just make money so people can make epic islands instead of having to spend hours of grinding just to get a stack of dirt.
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    I understand where youre coming from with the "spend hours of grinding" thing. It might just be the kind of games I play and like to play but I really enjoy the idea of grinding for hours lol. It makes me feel more accomplished then saying " Oh I got $2m just by building this machine to do it for me in half an hour!!" Im not about that:/ Ever played Runescape? The hours of grinding make it fun.
  6. I would prefer a plugin of where we can buy a key for like, 5k and activate it on a chest at spawn. When activated, it spins through items (ores, blocks, etc) and paper with money values (15k, 25k, 50k). To me, it could make it more fair.
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  7. I said nonnegotiable but that sounds pretty amazing.
  8. yeah but wouldn't you feel acomplished by building the machine you'd be like "I made this thing and t took me ages"
  9. Yes to some extent there is satisfaction in building a machine that keeps producing mass amounts of items that bring you money, but on the flip side there are different types of satisfaction and I like the kind where you work for each and every item. Manual pumpkin farms, I remember potatoes used to be good breaking and growing those and making good money. Personally doing things like that bring me greater satisfaction than building a huge machine that does everything.

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