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  1. Ehh I have applied for staff but can someone explain how it works, dose a mod look at and send it to owner then he accepts do they msg me back plz help

    Thanks as always
  2. Well the way it works is complicated. An actual staff member would have to run you through that. However, my understanding is that as they read your application if it sounds good and they like you or if it sounds good, but they don't really know you, they will either accept you right away or put you on a "trial" period to see how they think you would do on the staff team. Correct me if I'm wrong, but here are a couple staff members that could probably answer this better than me.

    @Gwim @Komo @Narnia @Emily
  3. Yeah Gwim... Narnia komo and emily are good. mr. farting hero 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% good :D. no offense
  4. I can't say much about an application. But the staff team reads you application and accepts/denies you after 2 weeks.
  5. It takes time to earn a trial. Yes, a trial. If upon acceptation, you will be given a 4 week Helper trial which mainly includes moderating chat, and seeing if you fit in with the team. To get to this point I recommend you get known among the community and staff team, and help out the server in any way you can. That's the basics, and do NOT ask about your application after submission, or it WILL be instantly rejected. Good luck!
  6. Thanks that really helped!
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  7. What age must we be to e a helper?
  8. 14 or older
  9. Thats why the age is 14+

    But many players do lie about there age to try to get staff
  10. how was he a helper when hes 12?
  11. its because he helped wubs on his server he had but yes they are doing so some can be 13 or 12 i belive what i heard
  12. Sometimes we make exceptions for players under the age of 14 if we think they're mature enough.
  13. OOOH I hope I will be an exception!!
  14. Can they be 11 by any chance with the rarest exception ever?
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