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  1. I have a recommendation that could be of use to the players who need to catch a staff member’s attention for help. I personally have experienced some trouble on the Nirvana Network playing on the different servers, such as Cube and SkyBlock Voyage, and I needed a staff member’s help. Since there was no staff member online on the specific server I was playing on, I had to go to all of the servers to look for a staff member that could help me. It is a pain to do so and it would help to have a log or something that tells the status of a staff member (online or offline) in the server, maybe the Hub. I know there are other ways to contact staff as well, such as on Skype or Teamspeak, but if there is this Staff Status Board, or whatever you want to call it, it would help all of the players looking for help, especially those who don’t have direct contact with a staff member.
  2. this would be kindof bad if a staff members trying to catch a hacker and you see they are on that server go there and ask in public chat which already happens way too much or when they are used to tell if a staff members on so they toggle their hacks off
  3. A report system was implemented very recently, and it allows you to reach out to staff quickly :)
  4. WHEREEE!!!!!!!???????? I needa knowwww BOIIIII
  5. The command is /report <player> <reason>, and should work on all servers.
  6. TY!!!!!!!
  7. I like the report system, always have. However, I reported someone along with like 3-4 other players, and it took at least 3+ hours for a staff member to respond to the report....
  8. There are currently a lot of reports being submitted, as well as quite a bit of "abusive" and "spamming" reports. Staff gets notified every so often about open reports, and we try to respond to them as soon as possible. So please be patient while we try to resolve your report.

    If you want to report a player faster, you can always private message a staff member or poke them on teamspeak. And if possible, recording or screenshotting the rule breaker will always be appreciated :)

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