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  1. I posted this as a news article a few months back, I figured it would be a good idea to sticky it here so it is always visible and also update some of the information.

    So let us start on this "Guide."

    Before you even begin filling out an application. You should consider:

    • Am I NEW to the the server? - We do not accept players that have been on the server for less than one month on the server. This is so you can get to know the community and staff.
    • How ACTIVE am I on the server? - In order for you to have a chance at staff, you have to be on the server quite often. (We do take into account school and work).
    • Do I TALK to the other players and staff? - One of the key elements we look for are players that actively talk to other players either via teamspeak or chat. We don't want someone on the team that doesn't know our community or want to take the time to get to know our current staff.
    • What do I do to HELP out the server? - We look for players that actively help other players and assist our staff. We want players that are willing to prove to us they want to help just to help. (Trust me, we know the difference between helping to help and helping to get something out of it).
    • What does my HISTORY look like? - If you have a bad punishment history on Nirvana, I am sorry to say but you probably won't be accepted as a staff member. Although exceptions are made. If some time has passed since your last punishment and you have shown a considerable change. You may be considered for staff.
    To check your punishment history, head over to our ban page here!

    If you have answered all of the above questions, I think it is time to move on to your application.

    • When filling out an application, make sure you ANSWER EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!
    • If you want a fair chance, do NOT put one or two words down. We look for COMPLETE SENTENCES and WELL THOUGHT OUT ANSWERS!
    • If you know any staff PERSONALLY, list them in your application. Do NOT include staff if you haven't personally talked to them. A simple "Hi" will not suffice.
    • Once you have finished, be sure to PROOF READ! SPELLING AND GRAMMAR COUNT!
    If you think you are ready to fill out an application of your own, click here to start!


    So now you applied what is next?

    • Your application will be open to be read by the entire staff team. They will then leave comments on their opinion of the application and application writer.
    • The application is then normally reviewed by the Managers who will read over the application and the comments from the staff team.
    • From there the application will be discussed during the weekly meeting to either be accepted or denied.
    • If you where accepted you will be swiftly contacted by a Manager via Skype.
    • This process can take from a few days to a month.
    So and so said I was accepted but no one contacted me?
    • Unless you hear directly from a Manager on Skype, unfortunately you were not accepted.
    How do I know if I was denied?
    • If your not contacted by a Manager after 2 weeks to a Month of submitting your application, your application was probably denied.
    I was denied, does that mean I can never be staff?
    • If you are denied, you are free to apply again. However we suggest you attempt to help more or try to stand out in the crowd of the players more before re-applying. Without doing this your application will be denied again.

    By checking this box and submitting this application YOU ARE AGREEING THAT ASKING about the status of your application may result in application DENIAL!
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