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Discussion in 'Mini Games' started by KaiTDS_902, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. In an earlier post I had posted on the skyblock voyage page of the forums of a new spawn i was building, I had discontinued that spawn s building process (RIP 16 hours of my life) and made a new Hub spawn, this took me 18 hours to complete and hopefully @Wubs gives it the thumbs up
    (IMG files were too large so I took gyazo images
  2. I really love this map, but I don't think it will fit good in skyblock voyage :/

    I might ask you in the future if you can make me a spawn for something :)
  3. Looks really cool. But as butter said, doesnt really fit in the nirvana pirate style..
  4. Mr_Buttermen, I had scraped the idea for the Skyblock voyage spawn and made a NirvanaMC hub, I tried making the theme like a secret Pirate cove where all their treasures are hidden.

    And I would be more than happy to build a spawn for you in the future :)
  5. This map seems more fit for that nugget mine game we once had xD
  6. XD, Maybe bring it back and use this instead? :p

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