Something I've come to expect from servers [Ranks From crates]

Discussion in 'Minigame and Feature Ideas' started by CenturyGamer666, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. I've come to expect from servers the possibility to get ranks from crates. The chances aren't high (0.75% chance(Out of 100)) but the idea that you can win a rank gets a lot more people to vote.
  2. This is because voting is free but ranks can cost alot. So there is a low chance.
  3. wait. you already had this?

    New suggestion: A list with what you can get from a crate.
  4. That would be good having a list. Especially with the crates you have to donate to get.
  5. If i'm right if you right click a crate in Skyblock it shows the items but I don' think you can see it in prison and other games that have voting besides CC because the loots are always the same.
  6. I remember back in the day everyone said that getting VIP from voting was just a myth.
  7. VIP used to be available if you had enough players use something like a referral link to the sever. I believe if you shared with 75 players, you would receive the rank. Also, crusade also ran a competition in the past. The guy highest on the leader boards won a rank!
  8. Yeah, CookieKillerFTW won. IIRC he only played for 3 days after winning the rank, showing off to everyone in Crusade and Cubed, then never logging in again.

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