Some Much Needed Updates!

Discussion in 'News' started by Ordaine, Jul 13, 2016.

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    so hyped...
    it's August for me. Best august ever, probably...
    because crusade is getting released (i think) in August... it should
    the screenshot says: Server: crusade so ingame I tried /server crusade but it didn't exist =(
  2. Crusade is currently on a test server, and will be put on Nirvana once it's finished.

    And yahee, crusade :D
  3. Soon, you will post screenshots of the old Crusade... Soon...
  4. I took that yesterday while I was helping test bugs actually :p
  5. and that means...
    CruSaid is getting released in August, 12nd! Do it please, it will be the best reward for birthday..
  6. *releases on the 11th, or the 12th of 2017*
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  7. I bet this is all a prank and there will be no Crusade xD
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  8. i can tell you guys personally that screenshots not fake they have been testing and i did for like 5 mins till i logged off it is coming back you all just need to be patient
  9. so you tested it?
    i know it's not fake, because...
    why would it
  10. I tested it :3
  11. ban alkiri for sayin things like dat (soon, u will post old screenshots of Cru Said) from Cru Said when it comes out.
  12. I think the staff should let Kurtis help testing Crusade, he is just so excited xD
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  13. Definitely!
  14. me 2
  15. the current alpha/beta phase is private right now and not for the public to use the only reason i played a bit is cause wubs asked if i wanted to help test it otherwise i wouldnt be allowed on
  16. Wow guys, if I'm getting to the testing, you guys should be allowed as well :p
  17. I seriously think about it like... every day.
    It would be my dream to testplay it early!
    If Wubs asked me to test it out early, I would test it 7/24... and get 1-2k more kills
  18. Crusade is being staff tested only until it's ready for a public Beta.
  19. To stop all this crusade complaining and whining and backing up Narnia.
    I got wubs permisson to make a quick video.

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