Some Much Needed Updates!

Discussion in 'News' started by Ordaine, Jul 13, 2016.


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  2. there should
    be an elytra kit in crusade
  3. forget a elytra kit i want it to be a killstreak item
  4. That sounds dope
  5. OK we get it. Crusade isn't actually coming back, but it's just "clickbait" to get old players back

    pls dont rite a diss track :-:
  6. it is coming back stop being rude about it i was in ts when the staff were testing it out
  7. It is most definitely coming back, and this was confirmed many times. As @Wolfie stated, the staff team even recently had a beta testing moment.

    There are many reasons why it is taking a while, but that is not a reason to be disrespectful and question our announcements. Crusade needs to be fully recoded, and because it was such a big gamemode, this takes a long time. Currently it has been about 85% recoded, and soon there will be beta testings, and the full release might even be this summer. How hard it might be, please remain patient and respectful. Don't worry, your most loved gamemode is coming back soon :)
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  8. Little late xD but hype up for Crusade mon, it's gonna be great playing again :D
  9. Lol, don't say things you don't know anything about. Things like "free devs" don't really exist, and even if they did, they would completely lack the knowledge of how to code crusade, as it is a very advanced gamemode.
    Recoding it is a lot of work, and Travja is currently working on it. Just like everyone else, he is also just a human and has a life besides minecraft & coding. I can understand that having patience isn't easy, but please remain respectful. Soon we will have crusade back, there's no need to complain :)
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  10. Crusade will be done when it is done. It is being solo coded by trav and it has thousands upon thousands of lines of code.
    Yes it could be done by someone else, but trav originally created it. Who better to recode it than him?

    If there is going to be flaming and arguing. All comments will be removed.
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  11. No flame or argument just discussion friend
  12. Oh I don't know... Maybe anyone else to help him out?
  13. thats not how it works you dont just mess with someone elses code plus its his gamemode theres no room for someone else to work on it if he coded the entire thing
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  14. Well if it has taken him 4 months and he's not done, what's the worst that can happen if someone smarter like Wubs helped him out?
  15. Seeing as crusade is a single gamemode and its nearly finsihed that would be of little help
  16. Every dev codes differently, which is why when other devs get involved in making something, it tends to break more often than not.
    If it is solo coded by a dev, the less bugs and the easier it can be fixed if something happens.
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  17. Soon...

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  18. Much wow Ordaine :) Who built it? I really wish I could play it when it came out...
  19. It's about time!

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